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Default 430MEL Engine In Squarebirds

Thanks to this source information, "Thunderbird 50 Years", by Alan Tast, and David Newhardt, here is information regarding the number of 430 MEL engines installed in 1960 Tbirds. The book was published in 2003 and contains information on Tbirds up through that year. This information was provided to me by a friend. Unfortunely, I cannot find my own personal copy.

The chart does not show any 1958 TB with a 430 ci. However, during that year of production, 379 models had a manual transmission w/overdrive. There is a report that I have in my possession that there was a 1958 Squarebird that was tested and evaluated at that time, by one of the car magazines, with a 430 MEL engine in it. But, there are no records of a production model having left the factory with that engine installed that I am aware of.

The 430 size engine for 1959. Here are the 1959 production numbers for the Squarebird.

J coded hardtop w/430 3154 units
J coded convert w/430 1168 units

There were 675 manual trans w/OverDrive, all other models had Automatic Transmissions. It is noted that one convertible with a 430 ci engine came with a manual transmission.

The 430 size engine for 1960. Here are the production numbers for the Squarebird.

J coded hardtop w/430 3900 units
J coded sunroof w/430 377 units
J coded convert w/430 1254 units

Trannys - 1960 90,986 Automatic units, 928 3 Speed w/overdrive units.

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