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Default New cA730 power steering leaking?

Hello My father has worked on his 56 T-bird for 8 years and most problems have been sorted. He's bought almost everything new and one of the things we can't figure out is why the new power steering is leaking in two spots. One is where a hose goes into the housing by the driver's side wheel (compression fitting isn't sealing) Can we use plumbers tape on the threads?

sEcondly, and more importantly, we are also getting a leak where the end cap (same side) is leaking between it and the housing, or the metal part that looks like a gasket, but isn't I've looked up the schematic for the A730 power steering and looks like all parts are inside the housing (though my dad took it apart, don't know why; he's pretty old and forgets things) How is that whole end cap supposed to seal if its all metal parts?

Thanks a bunch in advance. We are trying to sell the car and the leak there is driving me crazy, cause its in my garage til it sells!
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