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Default Convertible top issues

After working with two separate wiring harnesses I finally have my top working as it should. I don't know if anyone else has had similar issues but I thought I would go through the history in the hopes that it may shortcut someone else's problems.

Initially my 1960 convertible had a 12 relay system- 10 two terminal relays and two 3 terminal in line relays. The original harness on the car did not have bullet connectors and was wired to accept the relay system. However the plugs were all corroded so I ordered a new harness from Concourse. The new harness had two plugs ( 3 terminal, in line) connected by bullet connectors. I could not get this harness to work with my system. At the suggestion of Bauer Electronics,(the company that made the harness for Concourse) I sent my original harness in to be copied. I maintained notes as to the color of wires for each plug before mailing my original harness to Bauer. The deck closed relay on the original harness had a blue, green/black, and yellow/violent wire. The so-called copy returned to me eliminated the green and black and substituted a yellow/Violet wire. This harness did not work either.

Given a suggestion from a member of this forum I replaced two of the relays with a three terminal (B9SF) relay. The system then had 8 two terminal relays, two 3 terminal (B9 SF) and two three terminal in line relays. I then reinstalled the first wiring harness with the bullet connectors and the system finally began to work. So it appears that there are three different types of relays that must be used in the 12 relay system to accommodate the wiring harness sold as a replacement.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the resolution of my electrical woes. Hopefully this post may save someone a lot of headaches with the 60 top system.
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