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You said that you have no power to the top solenoid. Did you check for voltage at the white wire at the top solenoid relay. If you have no voltage there either the relay is not working or it is not getting power from the yellow/white wire at the top retract limit switch.

In the deck close cycle the violet at the deck close limit switch should be connected to the black/green wire as you stated. That activates the deck close relay, deck solenoid relay, deck solenoid and pump motor. Jumper just those two wires and not the orange to yellow/violet and see if still gets hot. If so you will need to unplug all four devices and check for a short. You said you tested all the relays and solenoids but you didn't mention the limit switches. I would test each one of those individually. Rust and corrosion can cause contacts to be connected that shouldn't be.

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