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Default 1960 convertible top issues

I have a june 1960 with a 12 relay setup. There are 10 2-prong relays and 2- 3 prong. All relays have been tested as well as the 3- solenoids. I ordered a new harness from Concours which had problems. The new harness had the 2 -3prong connectors connected to the main harness with bullet connectors where the original did not. Further, the Deck Solenoid plug had 3 connections- 2 parallel at the rear and one at the front. The car only had a 2 prong relay for the Deck Solenoid. I was able to get the deck lid to raise and lower by unplugging the Deck Solenoid plug and plugging it using the left or right prong. I also tried installing a 3 prong relay for the Deck Solenoid but although the deck came down, I was unable to raise it again.

Concours suggested I send my original harness to copy. That harness has the following problems:

1. The top will not retract without a jumper to the Top Solenoid. The pump will run, but the top will not retract until I activate the solenoid with a jumper.
2. With the top full retracted, the deck lid will not close unless I unplug the two plugs to the Deck Close Limit Switch and jumper the violet from one plug with the yellow/violet on the other plug. Thus jumpered the deck closes.
3. The top will not go up until the two plugs on the Deck Close Limit Switch are again connected.

I note in the Convertible Top Manual, page 18, fig. 7, that the Deck Close Limit Switch should connect the Orange with the Yellow/violet and Violet with the Black/green to close the deck. However when I bypass the switch and jumper the wires as indicated in the manual, nothing happens and the wires get extremely hot.

I'm at my wits end having spent hours with a volt meter and two new harnesses. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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