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Joe, we had food service guys in our plants too, but far fewer on the off-shifts. Remote machines were totally neglected until the next day.

At the 'end' of our Block marry-go-round, the mold box tops were already removed and a guy connected an overhead hook from a monorail that matched the speed of the line. As the monorail ascended, it brought the block with it, all the way above the second floor to the roof.

My buddy was up there, basically open to the outside but in a covered shelter. He had his own personal drinking fountain. In front of him was a waist-high chain, the moving monorail with cooling engine blocks, a steel hopper and chute that led down to railroad tracks on the ground.

His job was to swing a sledge hammer with a short handle, and beat the runners off each block. They showed him the technique... 'Before the block rolls passed, you lean over the chain and smack the runners twice on one side and once on the other.' Then, the 'tree' bumbled down the hopper to the ground where a huge electromagnet picked them up for recycling twice each shift. I don't know how many hammers he lost down that hole but he finally taped the handle end to form a knob like a baseball bat (hockey guys do the same).

He developed arms as big as my legs. - Dave
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