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In addition to the jumpers and studying the info in the convertible top manuals, I have also added 2 more test wires which I often use when ever I have an electrical issue.

Get a 50' coil of insulated 10 or 12 gauge wire and cut it in half. One piece gets an alligator clip on each end. This is used to check if there is a good ground at the failing device by attaching one end to the battery ground terminal and the other to the malfunctioning light, motor or whatever. The second piece gets an alligator clip and an inline fuse harness on the other. This is used to supply power by clipping to the battery + terminal and the fused end to hot wire the component.

Quite often the lack of a good ground is all that is wrong, and by first providing a solid ground to the battery, a lot of trouble shooting time can often be saved.
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