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Originally Posted by OX1 View Post
I looked at that thread. Don't write-off ford truck message boards because of that guy. I've had run-ins with that guy on fullsize and early broncos message boards. Lets just say he is pretty smart and well versed, but he also thinks he knows everything and is pretty arrogant at times.

Glad to see you figured it out. Had a set of inj on my dads hotrod (mild blower, 5.0 HO) that would not allow cold start. Ran perfect otherwise, but several of the inj were upwards of 26% down in flow. I even did a cyl balance test on that passed all three sections (which you would think if an inj was that far off, the force it produces at idle for that cyl would be different than the other cyl's).
yep, he is smart and knowledgeable, but calling him arrogant is a complement. I believe he is banned now from the bronco forum..... he is only on the F150 forums now. I knew it was going to be bad when I didn't decode the vin up to his standards, and when I called him on it in a very suddel way, he said I was just scratching the surface of the vin decoding. I mean I told him it was a 86 Fuel injected 150 with a 5.0 not much more you need to know about it.

I didn't have the hart to tell him I serve on Ford TRP panel as being recognized as one of the top 20 techs in the nation. So yes I know how to use a meter........... He can just assume I am dumb. Its easier that way some times..... lol
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