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Default Replacement steering wheel?

Hi All- Brand new member here. I've just purchased my first Thunderbird, a red '61 convertible, in excellent condition. I've always loved the '61-'63 body style but so far I've only owned hot rod Fords (a '40, a '34 and a '35).

I'm planning to turn my Bird into a mild 60's style kustom (purist don't worry, only bolt-ons and paint and I'll save the old parts!) which leads me to my first question for this forum. Being as I'm tall, the stock deep-dished steering wheel is right up in my chest, has anyone installed an aftermarket steering wheel on a bullet bird and, if so, what adapter did you use that didn't cover up the gear indicator?

I'm looking forward to talking more about TBirds with this forum and I know I'll have plenty more questions, so, thanks in advance.
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