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Can anyone advise me on this problem my rear power windows do not work!. The motor makes a clicking sound when i use the power switch but no window movement. The drivers and front passengers windows are fine but the Bird was standing for over ten years with no use!.
Also i like to say a big HELLO to all other members and to Bill who may be in the market for the best T-Bird check out the following link and click on the Thunderbird icon. You will see some nice Birds for sale like a nice Golde Top like mine so i may bid for this one myself!.At present i own the only Golde Top in the United Kingdom and there is Five in Europe how ever our pop star Sir Cliff Richard has a nice 59 convertible!. He is Squarebird mad and has had alot of expensive cars over the years but the squarebird is his favourite! GOOD MAN! .
His first was a 60 Golde Top! at the tender age of 21 this was a birthday present to himself and in 1960 England 2500.00 would buy a very nice house in London but the Bird cost over 5000.00!. His Golde Top was Monte Carlo Red with White top and matching interia he sold the car in 1970 and no one can find it. So at present i have the only one but i am trying my best to find Cliffs old 60 Bird!.
So its winter and the Birds off the road so its time to do those little jobs before summer as i love Cruzing with the roof wide open but would like my rear windows to work so please help!.
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