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YellowRose 10-29-2010 02:03 PM

A 430MEL Tri-Power Carb!
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George Bahto ~ GGB313 happens to own a 1960 430MEL Tbird Convertible with a working Tri-Power Carb on it! He probably has the only Tbird with a Mercury Super Marauder installed. He said they only made about 80 units and the Merc racing team wrecked most of the racing cars. At one time he owned about 7 of these units. The Lincoln guys bought most of them (an easy fit). He said he has never seen one on a T Bird. He would love to talk to someone who had done the conversion - you have a few under-hood modification that need to be made. A guy is re-manufacturing the air cleaner for about 3G and the fuel pump distribution unit is about $800. You should see pix of his beautiful red convertible! What a dream car this is! Here are some engine pix. I think one of them was taken before he had the car painted.

YellowRose 10-30-2010 06:59 PM

Who is George Bahto?
Not being an avid golfer and not having played the game in many, many years, I did not recognize the relationship between George Bahto and golf! Besides being the proud owner of one of the best looking '60 Tbird (and possibly the ONLY Mercury Super Marauder) Tri-powered Convertibles in the world, he is famous for something else. Those of you who are avid golfers might have recognized him as the excellent designer, re-designer and architect of some of the most famous and toughest golf courses around. Some of which you probably have played on and muttered to yourself, wondering who it was who designed this course as you drove into the umpteenth sand trap in a row!:D For those who recognized the name, and those, like me, who did not, let me introduce you to him. For further enlightenment, please read this.


Dan Leavens 10-30-2010 07:26 PM

Ray I have played Brandon Dunes in Portland ( which he had a hand in ) and I can vouch for how nice a track this really is. If anyone is in the area certainly look it up and book early, as it is a very popular course .

63-4drpost 04-30-2011 11:56 AM

thanks for the pictures. i did not realize the carbs were situated so that each is at at different height! God am I stupid!! . I thought they all used a cut-off carb like the tripower 390's.Thanks again.

KULTULZ 01-26-2012 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by 63-4drpost (Post 55400)

i did not realize the carbs were situated so that each is at at different height!

The MEL OEM SUPER MARAUDER 3 X 2 intake manifold carb pads are all on the same plane. The carbs used were from 2V engine applications (notice full air horn and their overlapping of the fuel bowls).

This carb did not have external float adjustments. The outboard carbs used vacuum motors to open themselves whereas the later FE used mechanical linkage.

The cut-off style 2V HOLLEY (It has a series number) was introduced on the 61 FORD 390FE/401HP.

The SUPER MARAUDER 3 X 2 option was released for the 58 MERC (Bill Stroppe). LINC also ordered sets for it's car line(s). LINC never assembled (other than maybe a prototype) an actual 430 3 X 2 and these assemblies were then sold to MERC and also offered over the counter as a kit.

The cast rocker cover is unique to MERC only. It was an option to the option. The engine came through with stamped steel rocker covers painted gold. A chromed MERC rocker cover could be ordered. LINC 3 X 2 came through with plain rocker covers painted black. A plain chrome rocker cover was available as an option.

Supposedly, the 59 BIRD had an offering, but there is no data to be found. It seems if the option was available (either assembly or over-the-counter), it would have been offered through Holman-Moody I would think as FORD was honoring the AMA ban on racing.

The LINC setup had a plain cover air cleaner assembly. I would think FORD would have used this (and the LINC rocker covers) rather than the MERC setup.

This is mostly conjecture on my part and until I can access an early HM catalog is not verified.

KULTULZ 02-02-2012 07:34 AM

Mel 3 X 2 Option(s)
Here is a referring URL showing different engine dress option(s) between the 1958 MERC and LINC 3 X 2 option-


You can see that the LINC option is Plain Jane and would more likely be released as a BIRD option over the MERC dress (IMO).

ggb313 03-14-2012 10:44 PM

63-64drpost said:

" thought they all used a cut-off carb like the tripower 390's.Thanks again."

Hah - I thought they were cut off for easier dis-assembly during an adjustment or repair p shows you what I know :p

KULTULZ 03-15-2012 04:55 AM


Originally Posted by ggb313 (Post 63496)

63-64drpost said:

" thought they all used a cut-off carb like the tripower 390's.Thanks again."

Hah - I thought they were cut off for easier dis-assembly during an adjustment or repair p shows you what I know :p

The SUPER MARAUDER 3 X 2 400HP engine used regular production 2300 HOLLEY Series carbs of the time.

The later FE 3 X 2 used a modified 2V HOLLEY (2300-C) for fitment (and had to be reversed mounted to fit) on the intake manifold.

Here is a pic of a FORD/HOLLEY 2300C as used on the 61/ FE TRIPOWER.

This carb series offered external fuel level adj and many other features.

KULTULZ 03-31-2012 03:31 PM

Continuum And Correction To Post #5 -

Originally Posted by KULTULZ (Post 61725)

(The) LINC 3 X 2 came through with plain rocker covers painted black.


Incorrect. The 58 LINC came through with Yellow rocker covers. Black was assembly correct from the 1959 model year to 1966 (462 in FORD Corporate Blue).

Chromed stamped steel rocker covers were available as an accessory.

352tb430 04-02-2013 09:22 PM

430 Super Marauder story from 1973
For what it's worth (nothing)...a short story re. a 430 Super Marauder. In 1973 at the VTCA national meet in Dearborn, a young (relatively, I was 24 at the time) member (I can't recall his name offhand; may have it in an old VTCA roster somewhere) from Baltimore drove a ratty multi-colored '59 430 TB convt. to the meet. I compared notes with him about his 430 (it may have been the only 430 at the meet) and my '60 430 hardtop I had back home (I drove a 352 '60 hardtop to the meet). After the judging on Sat. afternoon while most of the cars (all squarebirds back then--the "Squarebird Society") were still on the showfield, a newish Mercury pulled in the hotel lot and parked near the birds. He asked us "if anyone in our club would be interested in buying an old 430 tri-power he had laying in his garage for years (he was a Fomoco engineer)". He popped his trunk and there was this gorgeous complete Super Marauder set up. $75. I was really tempted, but didn't immediately say yes (I only paid $25 for my whole 430 TB which was a glorified parts car, and $75 was a fair amount of $ for me at the time). No one else wanted it (wouldn't fit a 352), but after awhile, the kid with the '59 430 convert. decided to buy it (ok with me, saved me $75, though I kick myself for the next 40 years). He put it in his trunk and went back to Baltimore. I learned years later from another club member in the DC/Baltimore area that he did install it in his '59. I don't know where the car is now, but hopefully it still exists.

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