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Coral 06-22-2010 08:51 AM


Originally Posted by jackbird60 (Post 46379)
I do the caps, for people like me with bad eyes.

Jack, for a quick fix you can press the CTRL and + keys at the same time (count the number of times you press the keys) this will enlarge the print
sometimes forum boards will not allow a post to be entered with the print enlarged, if this happens simply press the CTRL and - keys (the same number of times as you increased them) and the print will return to board standards and allow the post to go through... ;)

YellowRose 06-22-2010 09:39 AM

Generator Still A Problem- Going Nuts
If anyone is thinking of converting to an alternator, C.R.A.P. again has the mounting bracket available for our 352 engines. Larry has made more of them available. He can be contacted at 815-634-8216. Here is the webpage that has the bracket on it.

KULTULZ 06-22-2010 02:28 PM

You can also use later BIRD FE brackets to make it look more as an original appearance-

I believe CRITES RESTORATIONS sells take-off parts-

The early FE block will not have the threaded hole to accept the mounting bolt, but C.R.A.P. offers this rear mounting adapter (or one can be fashioned)-

jackbird60 06-22-2010 09:15 PM

i like that seem simple an effecient with the modern fe bracket. do you know what size belt to use. what type of alternator is used? model and year?

I like that a lot. So if I am looking at this correctly. the adapter piece is side mounted to the engine block, and the other piece of that bracket has a threaded hole were the alternator bolts to .

i like it- very effecient design. I wondering how much for that little adapter bracket from c.r.a.p. and how much for a FE bracket.


jackbird60 06-22-2010 10:02 PM

Hi Dave,

I did the procedure you mentioned with the headlight. Had to buy one, it had only 2 post. I connected one to the grd, one to the arm. Then I started the car, and touched the field wire to the batt. nothing, nada. So bad gen. I can now take this gen off in my sleep. But not tonight. I do it tomorrow. Probably before work. so I can return it.



KULTULZ 06-23-2010 12:51 AM


Originally Posted by jackbird60 (Post 46428)

what type of alternator is used? model and year?

Shown is a 1G ALT. They are very common in salvage yards.

The charging circuit harness will have to be upgraded from GEN to ALT.

Just stay away from GM one wires.

KULTULZ 06-23-2010 12:57 AM

1) Repair the ignition switch,

2) Full diagnostic sequence is in the Shop Manual,

3) A GEN has to be polarized after install and before starting car.

4) The voltage regulator is mechanical and adjustable. Check your manual.

JohnG 06-23-2010 07:50 AM

Jack, do you have a factory Shop Manual??


ncbird 06-23-2010 08:54 AM

simple tool
to do what was done with the headlight there is an easy tool you can make. Electrical supply and most box stores sell a light bulb socket with two wires with aligator clips. This is so an electrician can see from a distance if a circuit is hot. To adapt to cars all you have to do is go to a marine supply store (west marine or such) and buy a 12v DC bulb. Large boats use them in lamps etc and they screw into the standard 120v light socket. Voila a large test light and cheap. G

simplyconnected 06-23-2010 03:52 PM

Good suggestion, Grant.
I think all the RV stores have 12-volt bulbs, too. Just be careful you don't accidently put it in a regular 115-v lamp socket.

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