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YellowRose 05-30-2010 12:29 AM

Another Technical Tip Fixed!
simplyconnected has fixed another of the Technical Tips on the Home page! Most of them have been fixed now, thanks to Dave! Here is the link to that.


There are still a few to fix, but hopefully, we will get them all working right again. We are looking for a couple of missing files on the 1960 Dashpad Replacement web page. The 1958-1959 Tech Tip is complete. There is another dashpad replacement Tech Tip over on my temporary Technical web page on Fortune City. To see it, click on the link below.

simplyconnected 05-30-2010 02:04 AM

Today's concentration was really on the "Dash Pad Installation" Tech Tip because Ray said this was the highest on the List of Importance. I think we are only missing three pictures out of 37.

But thanks, Ray. My hat goes off to you for keeping our Tech Tips alive at Fortune City. Without that free site, we wouldn't have any of those pictures (up to now).

My next goal is to re-install all the topics and pictures from Fortune City because they belong here, at Squarebirds.org. Soon, all the tech tips will be in one place, and in order.

I'm kicking around the idea of making more technical documentation available to just our paid members (because they support our site financially, so we belong to those members). - Dave

YellowRose 05-30-2010 02:55 AM

Another Technical Tip Fixed!
Some of you, in the past, have saved the pix from Tech Tips because you wanted to have them available to you when you started working on a project. Or you printed them off. I have been able to restore some of the broken Tech Tips in the past because someone either had the pix and sent them to me in email. Or they had printed out the pix and scanned them in and sent them to me. Or mailed them to me and I scanned them in and was able to restore some Tech Tips and put them on Fortune City. If anyone has the 3rd and 5th pix of the 1960 Dashpad restoration, please let me know. Those are the only two, that I know of, that we are missing. They are not on the CD's that Julie sent. If Dave or I can get those, then he can fix that link and we will have all the pix on how to replace your dashpad. You can see what is missing here, down in the Late 1959-1960 Dashpad Installation section.


My thanks again to simplyconnected for the stellar work he has been doing to restore all the stuff that has been missing for the last number of years!:D

troubsullivan 05-30-2010 07:36 PM

hooray for dave and ray!! you guys are awesome!

YellowRose 06-02-2010 01:23 AM

Dashpad Restoration Tech Tip Fixed!!!
Thanks to Julie Sosiak, Dave has been able to fix the Dashpad Restoration Technical Tip on the Home page.


I emailed Julie over the weekend with the names of the two missing files we were looking for. I called her earlier this evening and in a few minutes, she had found those two files and emailed them to me. I passed them on to our fantastic webmaster and he quickly fixed that web page. Now you have the full instructions on replacing your Squarebird dashpad, from '58-'60, the '60 dashpad being a bit different from the other two.

I think there are still a very few Technical Tips to be fixed. I know that Dave may want to move the newer ones that have been created from the temporary Fortune City site to the Home page Technical section. Once that is completed, we won't need that temporary page anymore. Thanks, Dave, for quick action on fixing that Technical tip!:D

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