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Anders 05-12-2010 04:11 PM


Originally Posted by YellowRose (Post 44702)
It would be good to know who this guy is!


On "members page" this guy is called "Travlin", so he have been here before.

I have also looked inte the parts he use ( 18098 ), but these are not near the original Ford product that came with the car as there are no rubber at all. I guess this might work for a while, but the ride will be quieter with rubber than with the hard plastic as they might perhaps make up for the gaps, they will most probably not damper any movement, so I feel a bit unsure about them. The homecooked rubberbushings seems like a better idea.
I have now found a place who do parts in rubber for industrial purpose, also in small quantity, and even if I doubt I can afford it, they are located less than 3 minutes from my house ( how about THAT :) ) so I need to visit them on monday ( as we have a long weekend here starting tomorrow) , and see what they might have in the scrapbox.....
To be continued!

YellowRose 05-12-2010 05:55 PM

Upper Suspension ( control ) Arm Bushings, Rear
Yes, this appears to be Travlin ~ JD, out of Florida. He owns or owned a '58. '59 & a '60 Squarebird. This pix on his web page that Anders posted of his '58 looks just like the one on his web pages. Travelin has not been on the site since around this time last, in 2007. He joined way back in 2004. I do have an email address for him, if it is still valid.

Richard D. Hord 05-12-2010 06:34 PM

Hey Guys,
Just talked to Sandra at Steele Rubber Products (www.steelerubber.com) 1-800-544-8665 She informed me that they have these bushings and any other rubber products for these old Thunderbirds! You need to call and ask for Trent Poole.
Richard D. Hord

Anders 05-12-2010 07:11 PM

We might getting there!!!:D

I just recieved a mail from Dave at TBHQ that confirmed that it was a urethane bushings, just like the one on Travlins "part page". ( You will come to his web by clicking on the picture on the link ). Now, Dave have his own restoration company as well www.adamsautoclassics.com. and said he was not realy happy with these bushings as he have used them himself on his ī58. Honest guy. Like him already!

Donīt know if I can describe on phone to Mr Poole, but I will anyhow have a look at there web. Itīs getting there. I can feel it!:)

Richard D. Hord 05-12-2010 07:29 PM

Hey Guys,
Ebay item number #370380001807
Richard D. Hord

Anders 05-12-2010 07:39 PM

Two minor problems with that item:
1: They donīt send outside USA.
2: The bushings I need is not in that package.......

I also looked at www.steelrubber.com but the only bushings for upper control arms is for front suspension. Not the rear :(

Bushing, control arm. Upper inner. Replaces factory #AJ-3068-A. Thunderbird. 2 required per side.
20-1276-32.....$ 16.00/ea.
Bushing, control arm. Replaces factory #B4A-3069. 2 required per side.
1954-56: Ford only;
1955-59: Thunderbird.
20-1279-32.....$ 10.50/ea.

I was upbeat there for a second....:o

YellowRose 05-12-2010 07:39 PM

Upper Suspension ( control ) Arm Bushings, Rear
Keep in mind that eBay kit seems to be for the FRONT ends only. No mention is made of it working on the '58 rear ends.

Also, JohnG is gonna grab this thread and put it in the Technical Resource Library (TRL) for use by '58 owners who need this information in the future...:p

Coral 05-12-2010 08:47 PM

Since this is a hot spot right now I just want to let folks out side of the USA there are folks here that will happily accept delivery and forward onto you where-ever you are at incase its ever needed, just let us know!

YellowRose 05-12-2010 09:43 PM

Upper Suspension ( control ) Arm Bushings, Rear
Hear, Hear!! I second that!! Way to go, Cathie! You betcha!:D

Anders 05-13-2010 07:46 AM

Murphys law :mad:
Itīs something with Rear Upper Control Arm on a ī58. No wonder it was a one year solution.
After removing one of these arms, I was in a good mood to loose the other. First bolts on the rear axle vent like a charm. But the front one on the left side of the car kind of never came out, even if the bolt rotated....
It seems as the bolt on the inside have either got loose from itīs weld or something similar. Nevertheless it spins around. That wouldnīt be much of a problem if it wasnīt for that itīs inside the supportframe and the cup / bowl that holds the spring. Itīs not possible to reach it ( or even see it ) less than cut up the cup /bowl, loosen the nut before veld it back and then veld the cup / bowl again.....:eek: Thatīs what I call a bad design.
I got 2 options here. One is to find new bushings and only change 3 of them...I mean, I have driven without any of them since I bought the car as I didnīt find the reason for the "klonk-sound" until a few weeks ago. The other would be to take down the whole rear axle, springs and everything and start cutting up the car in the hunt for the bolt. As I was planning to take out the engine, transmission and the rear axle after the summer for a long winter project, in order to change gaskets and stuff to avoid as much leakage as possible, and clean up the engine bay, there might be an idea to cancell this season already now and do the job properly. I hate quick-fix, so I usually go the "do-it-right" way, but I was looking forward to drive this summer as well....
Iīm depressed.:(

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