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YellowRose 03-29-2010 01:53 AM

Electric Fans
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I have spent much of the last week or so checking out new 5 or 6 blade fans and electric fans. I have talked with a number of people whom I trust. One of them is Lou Paliani of VTCI. Another is simplyconnected. Both tell me that I will get much better cooling, especially during parades, with an electric fan than the fan shroud and 5 or 6 bladed fan.

So off I went investigating electric fans. I was told to stay away from the Chinese ones, so I was looking mostly at OEM types. Especially those from Fords. I was told that bigger was better, so I was looking for something greater than 14" or 16" fans. I was also told that 2 speed is better, and high CFM's is also. I have looked at a lot of fans... It seems that the Ford Taurus has good fans, but I was told they are noisy.

In my searching, I kept seeing comments that the Lincoln Mark VIII fans are the most sought after by those converting to an electric fan system. They are powerful, and are rated at 2500-4000+CFM, 2 speed, 40Amp, puller fans. They are also 18" fans. Those from the Ford Taurus seem to be in demand also. Dave said that 2000 yr+ Mustangs had good fans also that I might be able to put to good use.

So off I went, armed with information from Dave and others, to Pick-N-Pull today. I did not find but one or two Mustangs, but I might not have been in the right area for them. What I saw had no fans left. So I worked my way through the Fords, looking for Taurus's, but only found a few. They were missing their fans also. I might have found more of them had I looked in a different section and maybe Mustangs also. However, they seemed to be mixed in with the other Fords somewhat.

I worked my way to the Lincolns and found only a half dozen or so Mark VIII's. ALL of them had the fans taken out. The word must be out about those fans amongst the locals. I was about to quit for the afternoon, when I found a lone Tbird, the ONLY one I saw, sitting amongst the Lincolns! It was a '95 and the hood was closed on it. I figured there would not be much under there when I got it opened. Getting it to open might have been the reason why it was bypassed. With some feeling around, I found that the '95's have their hood release way over to the far left side of the hood, and released it.

There, to my surprise, was a complete engine, with nothing having been taken off it! I called Dave and told him about this car and engine, it being a 4.6L. He said to grab the shroud and fan and run, or words to that effect. So I did. He also said I should grab the alternator, but I didn't. I thought my 63Amp one would do the trick. He said it will not so I will get it later today. I will have to get another mount for this one to work though. I had not brought any tools with me because I went out there mainly to just see what they had. So I got a parts puller to pull the shroud and fan for me. $37 later, I was out the door with the shroud and the fan! That also included a 90 day warranty on it. It sure beat the $50-$75 I saw them advertised for on feeBay! It looks to be in really good shape. Before I ever had it taken off, I spun the blades to see if they would spin freely and they did.

So off I go to the house to clean it up and to write down Ford parts numbers to check this fan out. It is made by Siemens for Ford and is stamped as such. It is a F4SH-8K621-A it says on the fan. It is a Siemens Model 162. It turns out to be a 2 speed, 40Amp, 2500-4000+CFM "puller" fan. Dave said it is just what I need. It is nearly the same size as my radiator. Now I gots to figure out how to get it mounted. I ordered a speed control system for it that Dave said I would need.

So it looks like I am on my way to converting to an electric fan if this all works out well. There is some concern on my part that it might not fit between the radiator core and the water pump/pulleys without touching them. I will find out when they take my metal fan shroud and fan blade off. I will drop this fan in a shroud in and see if it is going to clear. If not, I will be looking for a different fan.

Just thought I would update you on what I have been doing and give you some information regarding electric fans for these old Birds. Lou tells me that if I get a good electric fan on Rose I will not have to worry about overheating doing 5mph in future parades. Or in this bad Texas heat later on in the summer. Here are a couple of pix. These appear to be the exact fans that are in the Mark VIII's and other Fords.

KULTULZ 03-29-2010 04:56 AM

Here is some -TECH INFORMATION- that may help you along.

YellowRose 03-29-2010 11:34 AM

Electric Fans
Hi Gary! Thanks for that link! That is very good information and I am sure it will be helpful. I also looked through the other links he has and they are interesting too. Ya'll should check those out also.

RustyNCa 03-29-2010 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by YellowRose (Post 43172)
Hi Gary! Thanks for that link! That is very good information and I am sure it will be helpful. I also looked through the other links he has and they are interesting too. Ya'll should check those out also.

Ray, I tried running a Crown Vic fan on my olds, it did okay. What you really need is a good fan shroud that fits close around the fan, that will make the most difference to your system.

When I ran the Crown Vic fan it didn't do much, and I think most of that was because it didn't have a good shroud setup.

I ended up running a dual fan setup that pulls 4,000 CFM, has variable speed fans with a temp sensor that is adjustable for what temp you want the fans to run. I can't remember who made it, but check out the summit racing web site, it comes with a shroud that has vents that open when you are going down the road to allow the air through when you are at speed. I think it might be a derale. Their web site gives the dimensions of the fans with shroud, just find one that fits.

Weird thing about the olds now, never runs hot in traffic, at idle etc. but it heats up on the freeway

And yeah, they pull alot of power when running, I am also running a powermaster 130 amp alternator to keep up with the fans and the stereo.

Now on my 58, I have never seen it have cooling issues, but I am running a 6 blade heavy duty thermo clutch fan that I tried running on my olds(it didn't do the job on the olds), and I don't have a shroud, but I also don't have an a/c condenser in front of the radiator, like the olds has.

I imagine my summer temps are close to what you see in the summer. We have days well into the 100s, but we are a dry heat :D

byersmtrco 03-29-2010 11:08 PM

My .02

Electric fans block a lot of air and draw a LOT of
power. Don't even consider one if you haven't converted
to at least a 100 amp alt (at least!)

As I've posted before (sorry to repeat)

I have a 4 row core, the Dearborn Classics reprod shroud and a 7 blade flex fan. I have driven on 100 deg days. I have never EVER had it get hot
(middle of my gauge - needle straight down is 195-200)

At worst sitting still it will start to creep up. It has to be HOT out though. I can just pop it in Neu and the needle starts to drop, within a minute or two. Just the fan & w/p turning a tad faster, moving more air & coolant.

I see an elec/fan as a last resort if there is no room for a real fan (hot rod appl or ?)

Again . . . my .02
That and 4 bucks will get you coffee @ Peets or Starbucks

RustyNCa 03-30-2010 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by byersmtrco (Post 43192)
My .02

Electric fans block a lot of air and draw a LOT of
power. Don't even consider one if you haven't converted
to at least a 100 amp alt (at least!)

Again . . . my .02
That and 4 bucks will get you coffee @ Peets or Starbucks

I don't know if I agree about blocking air, but I agree 100% they draw alot of amps to run. They will draw more power than a small 65 amp alt can produce and you will find that your battery will end up discharged..... ask me how I know.

My dual fan setup has flaps in the shroud that open up at speed to allow more air flow through the rad.

I wonder if the FE blocks are less prone to heat soak than say a built up olds 455? Both 455s I have run have had heat issues. I have a new four core rad, full factory shroud, new water pump and tried running a heavy duty themo clutch fan. The olds would over heat at idle, cruise, freeway, didn't matter.

Next I tried running an electric fan off a police car in bank and a pusher fan in front off a Mercedes 500SEC a friend game me, it was better, but still ran hotter than I wanted in traffic.

I switched to the dual fan setup and it now runs 180 to 190 at idle and in traffic, but she gets up to about 210 to 220 on the freeway if you run it at 70 or more. I am wondering if I am getting to much advance from the dist.

Now the 58 has never been over 190 and all I am running on it is the clutch fan I tried on the olds....don't even have a shroud on it.

Here is the hot running pig

Rigormortor 03-30-2010 09:13 PM

Hello, good thread..... my 2 cents.... I went with a 16" electric fan that pulls/pushes 3000 cfm's.... it has narrower blades than the one you posted so it dosent block any air, and it spins as a push fan with the air being pulled through by the stock fan. A properly functioning cooling system should be able to maintain the thermostat rating idling or in parades. I went with an electric on my 59 Dodge because of a partially clogged block and it needed all the help it could get. If you have an older engine and it seems to run on the hot side an electric fan helps alot.

My new engine has no problem maintaining at 180 idling or running with the factory 7 blade rigid fan. But as a new engine it should.

YellowRose 03-31-2010 12:04 AM

Electric Fans
Thanks for all the great information! This is a thread that might be helpful to others who are thinking of going the electric fan route. As stated in my thread regarding the front end work on Rose, I am going to stay with what I have. Except that I bought a 6 blade flex fan from Autozone and will run that. Rose has not had an overheating problem so far. I just wanted to make sure she did not with parades coming up this summer. I will see what this does and if it does not do the trick, I will revisit electric fans, only with a much slimmer one that will fit between the back of the radiator and the shaft for a fan. They are out there because I have seen pix of Squarebirds with metal see thru shrouds and thinline fan motors.

Rigormortor 03-31-2010 07:24 AM

I like having my electric fan on my car. It makes me feel more comfortable if the car would start running hot. I also do parades where your moving at 5 mph.... and in august here at 100 degrees your engine will be running at max temp.

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