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YellowRose 03-01-2010 06:37 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
A bit ago, I checked my mail and found an envelope in it from Julie Sosiak! There were two CD's in it. One of them has a lot of Tbird pix and stuff that I have never seen before! As time permits, I will post the interesting ones on this Forum. It also has the Squarebirds Website settings, and a Zip File of a lot more things.

On the other one, was a folder labeled Squarebirds. On that CD are 13,615 files in 370 folders! I made a quick check of six missing files on the Home page Technical Tips that I have been looking for. Of the six, I have found four! I hope I will be able to find the other two with some more digging. I figure that if those four are there, then the rest of the missing files that go with them are probably there also.

Not only are the graphics there, but all the website files that run the Forum it looks like! Html files, logs, you name it! Julie says she gave me everything off Alexander's PC that she could find that applied to Thunderbirds and Squarebirds. I think I might have gotten it all! I am in 7th Heaven! We owe Julie a big thanks for taking the time to search for these files, getting them copied off, and sending them to me. I have already saved them on my backup hard drive and will make some more copies of them for safekeeping by other administrators.

As soon as I see what all I have, I will start the process of recovering those broken links or Technical Tips.

tbirds8 03-01-2010 07:06 PM

Thank You Julie!!!!!!!!!!

Dutchbird 03-01-2010 07:09 PM

And a big thanks to Julie for her grand gesture and contribution!

YellowRose 03-01-2010 07:15 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
When I call Julie, I will extend your thanks to her! I now KNOW that I can fix four of the Technical Tips on the Home page listing. I have seen all the files for: Trunk Mat Install; Dashpad Install; Calibrating Fuel & Temp Gauges; and that Disc Brake Conversion for '58-'60 tech tip that so many have asked about! I have ALL those files! I am super elated! As soon as I can, I will start fixing them and putting them on the Technical Resource Library!

The Dash Pad Install and Calibrating Fuel & Temp Gauges have been working links for awhile. I am going to work on the Disc Brake Conversion file next.

bird 60 03-01-2010 07:33 PM

Very good news, & a thanks to you both from Down-Under.

Chris....From the Land of OZ.

YellowRose 03-01-2010 07:48 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
I have just spoken with Julie and she is thrilled that I was able to find the missing files on the Squarebirds CD! I do not know if I have them all, but I will find out. She was quite excited that they were there! She said to extend her thanks to all of us for keeping Alexander's dream alive. She is very pleased to know that we are all keeping the Forum going. I have extended your thanks to her for taking the time and effort to find the files and getting them to me!

YellowRose 03-01-2010 08:16 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
I have just fixed the Disc Brake Conversion Tech Tip for Squarebirds, located on the Technical Resource Library. Just click on the link below to see it. All the pix are now showing on this link!!! This disc conversion uses all Granada equipment.

Richard D. Hord 03-01-2010 08:28 PM

Hey Julie,
Thanks and God bless!
Richard D. Hord

Dakota Boy 03-01-2010 10:46 PM

If you own a Square, this site is like finding a gold mine.:cool:

redneck 03-01-2010 11:50 PM

Absoutely Awesome
Thank you to everyone associated with this site and a big thank you to Alexander and his family. What a gift! am also moved by the many testemonials to this great founder of this site. As a newbie, I access this site on a daily basis and it has already helped me immensely with some of my challenges with my alll original 60 hardtop. I have broused the new link and am absolutely blown away and appreciative. Thanks again to all.

Redneck in N. Minnesota

YellowRose 03-02-2010 12:08 AM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
Thank you, Redneck, for your words... They are much appreciated. Those who knew him, loved him. He was so much to so many. I wish I had gotten to know him years ago. You mentioned family... I consider us ALL members of the Squarebird Family here on this Forum that Alexander and SandyBoy created...

I have a wealth of information at my fingertips now. Many things have probably never been seen by many of us. Others, who have been around since the beginning of the Forum might have seen them. As time permits, I will upload some really neat pix a bit at a time for you to enjoy.

I just finished fixing the Trunk Mat & Cardboard Installation Technical Tip for Squarebirds. It is on the TRL now. Just click on the link below my signature to see it.

I know that the Tom Young Squarebird Restoration Technical Tips are not working yet. However, last year I was able to restore them and they should be working now.

There is one Technical Tip that I have not been able to find any of the files for. The rest of them have been restored. It is Air-conditioning installation instructions for the 1960 Thunderbird. This is the original installation manual for putting in an A/C unit in a Thunderbird that did not originally come with one.

I would really like to restore that Tech Tip! It is a small manual. Does anyone have a copy of this manual that you can scan in and email to me? If you do, I can restore this one also. Send me a PM or email if you have a copy of it, please.

YellowRose 03-02-2010 07:10 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
I have just finished re-creating the 1960 AC Installation Technical Tip from the Home page! I found all the pictures for it. It is now located on the Technical Resource Library. You can now see all the pictures. I had to post them in the portrait mode to make them as readable as possible. If Ken~GTE472 or anyone else has a copy of these instructions for installing a factory AC unit in a Tbird without AC, please let me know. I would like to find better quality pictures. But this is all I have to work with at the moment. Click on the TRL Link below to see the page.

YellowRose 03-03-2010 03:35 AM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
I have just finished creating a new web page on the Technical Library Listing. It is the repair manual for the 1960 Radio, Speedometer and Clock! This CD is chock full of various manuals like this. I will put them up as I can. These are manuals, that to my knowledge, have never been uploaded to the Forum. Check it out! As usual, just click on the TRL link below! I is going to get some sleep! I am about web paged out for the night! :D

Richard D. Hord 03-03-2010 08:06 AM

Hey Ray,
You are the man. Once again you have spent countless hours helping us and others who follow. My hat is off to you my friend. Alexander would be very proud of you for keeping what he (and others) started running. We would be lost without your input and your love of these fabulous old cars, the Ford Thunderbird!
Once again THANKS!!!
Richard D. Hord

YellowRose 03-03-2010 03:02 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
Thanks for the nice comments. Much appreciated! I have decided to move this thread to the Squarebirds Forum for a couple of reason. First, what is in this thread applies primarily to Squarebirds. Secondly, I know, from past comments, that some of you don't visit the Anything Goes Forum. So i decided to move it here so all the Squarebird owners would see this and make use of the newly fixed and new Technical articles that are being posted. There are not as many "how to fix it" manuals as I thought there were on the CD. But there are more and I will upload those that I think are more important as soon as I can get to them. Enjoy!

Anders 03-03-2010 04:29 PM

Im totally stunned and filled with warm feelings over what you do for us Ray. All the time. Thanks you very, very much my friend! :)

Bob M 03-03-2010 05:11 PM

Ray this is great when you talk with Julie tell her thank you very much

YellowRose 03-03-2010 05:42 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
3 Attachment(s)
While looking for some more "how to" manuals to create on a web page, I found these! Some of you Squarebird Forum Old Timers have probably seen these before, but please bear with us "Newbies"! First, Alexander said this is a pic of someone's '59 with a swingaway steering wheel, and a roof flipper. It is to bad Ford did not think about this for the Squarebirds! Then, for those of you who want to protect your hood and keep people from getting into it, check out this hood lock! More pix as I find them!

Dan Leavens 03-03-2010 05:54 PM

Ray the " mother lode " is just a testiment to your dedication to our site. You blow me away with your input, tenacity and continual support of our site. As one who was part of this retreival over a year ago, our members are very fortunate to have you onboard. Great job.

YellowRose 03-03-2010 06:13 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
Thank you for those comments, Dan. They are much appreciated!:p Penelope just told me in email that his '59 has one of those hood locks on it and it works fine! I don't know whose Tbird that is, or where they got the lock. It is something someone picked up aftermarket apparently, but it does the trick, according to Bill!

tbirds8 03-03-2010 07:28 PM

I remember the picture of the cut out roof. I think it was with the golde top page? I think the guy did that himself after he smacked his knee enough!!!!!!!!!

YellowRose 03-03-2010 07:34 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
I have just added the 1960 Power Brake & Power Steering Technical Tip to the Technical Resource Library. Check it out! Remember, that in many cases, and not all, that any repairs like this for the 1960, might also work on the 1958's & 1959's. They probably will, but there are some differences between the '60 Tbirds and it's forerunners. I think I am going to add the Tech Service manual for '58 Tbird Convertibles next. That should also apply to the '59's but probably not much to the '60's, because that was a horse of another color when it comes to that top. So ya'll tell me!:D

YellowRose 03-04-2010 06:55 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
I have just added the 1960 AC Service Technician Manual to the Fortune City Technical Resource Library. Click on the link below to see it. You might want to print these little booklets out for safekeeping and ease of use.

YellowRose 03-05-2010 04:29 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
I have just added the 1958 Convertible Top Adjustments manual to the Technical Resource Library. It might also help you with your '59 top, but probably not the '60 top because of the changes made that year. But you can check it out. Click on the TRL link below.

YellowRose 03-06-2010 06:10 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
I have found two templates for the temperature gauge for our Squarebirds on the CD. One is blank and the other is marked as to where the needle should be indicating for certain temperatures. I do not know why Alexander did not include them in the fuel and temperature adjustment Tech Tip, but I just did. Click on the link below to see them.

YellowRose 04-21-2013 09:34 PM

I Have Hit The Mother Lode!!
Tara, you are posting in the wrong thread. These comments should be posted in your own thread that you created, or the one that I created for you.

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