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kuusamon 11-25-2009 09:06 PM

60 convertible; window washer system
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can't find any parts, pump, nozles or hoses (exept now the vacuum reserve tank maybe) for the washer system, not much info in the shop manual about it.
where would the nozles be located? and would there be any pump?
I read somewhere that this original system was not working very good, maybe better than to get a complet washing system from another car? But I like to try to keep all original.

tbird430 12-01-2009 11:34 AM

Maybe your Bird did not have the option for the washer system?

The original system rarely worked anyways. It was quite problematic for a car as luxurious as the Thunderbird...


YellowRose 12-01-2009 11:57 AM

60 convertible; window washer system
Hi Ronald,

As Jon said, the window washer system on the Tbird was certainly not one of its good features. As memory serves me, that system was mounted down by the generator and ran off the belt to it. It was usually one of the first things to fail and many in the old days just took it off. There should be a red water bag hanging on the drivers side of the engine well fairly close to the hood latch. It had a hose running out of it, that fed the spray nozzles in that grill in your picture. There were between the knobs for the windshield wipers. They screwed in place and were set up to spray the water on the windshield.

It might be possible to get the washer mechanism off a donor car. The bag is available and probably the spray nozzles also. You might email Eddie ~ EddieB1222@aol.com who has a '60 Tbird he has been parting out. He might have a lot of things you need. Contact Don at Bird Nest also, at 800-232-6378 or email him at: don@tbirdparts.com He might have the parts you will need to put it back in original condition.

I looked to see if I have a picture of my spray nozzles in place, but I do not. I am going out to see Yellow Rose later today and will try to remember to take some pictures. However, I thougt I saw a screw hole in that screened grill section in front of the windshield. That is where, as I recall, one of the spray nozzles screws into place.

On the other hand, if you cannot find the parts, there are electric windshield wiper/washers out there that can be put in place of the manual control which is located behind your glove box. They will run you close to $300 US as I recall.

I hope this helps.

fomoco59 12-01-2009 12:12 PM

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The hole in the screen are where the nozzles come thru. My car is not equipped with washers. There would be an switch on the left end of the dash to activate the washer pump if you have that option. Mine is a blank panel.

YellowRose 12-01-2009 12:21 PM

60 convertible; window washer system
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If that elbow panel is blank, your Tbird probably never had the windshield washer system on it. The chrome slide button that controls the washers look like this. You will see it in the center of the chrome horn ring.

Howard Prout 12-01-2009 02:26 PM

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Attached are some pictures of the windshield washer setup on my car.The pictures are:
1. washer nozzle left side
2. close-up of washer nozzle
3. washer pump from above (the text in red reads washer pump drive wheel)
4. washer pump from slightly to the rear
5. close-up of washer pump
6. washer hoses right side
7. washer hose left side
8. washer fluid reservoir
9. washer control switch

I hope these help. If you need more info let me know.

Howard Prout 12-01-2009 03:26 PM

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I reached the limit for attachments on the previous post so had to make a second post to include a couple more pictures that may help. These pix are of a similar mechanism (tag reads C0AE... so presumably for a 1960 Ford). The concept is the same - the vacuum motor pulls up on the arm which also mover the pump drive wheel over to contact the generator drive belt causing the pump wheel to turn. Although the concept is simple, the design didn't produce a durable pump. The impeller siezes quite easily. However, the power applied to the pump wheel causes it to turn no matter what, so the impeller breaks loose from the pump drive shaft - and the pump is shot. That is unless you have a similar spare pump, in which case you can cannibalize the spare pump for parts to make the original one work again - which is why I have a spare pump.

kuusamon 12-02-2009 04:26 AM

Thanks everyone,

yes I have the washer control button on the leftside panel near the dash. Also the holes in the screen for the nozles but nothing is there. It means that the previous owner took it out.
I read that the system was not a very good one, but just for perfectionism to make it original. But I will check for a replacement that works better. Have to see if the operating button inside on the left panel was electrical powered or vacuum hoses run from it. I can, just for the sake of having a washing system, get a working electrical system from an old modern car and when I will found an original by chance I might buy it.

thanks and regards

kuusamon 12-02-2009 04:49 AM

an old (junk)car that I have standing around is an old nissan bluebird from ´86 from my son. I can take the washing system from that for the time being and adapt it a bit. It is just the (patriotic) idea that those T-birds and other American cars were a 100% American made, all parts etc, nothing came from a 'foreign land´, just the idea of keeping it that way as much as I can.

I've lived in the US a long time (Santa Cruz, Ca) so I still have my old address there which I can use, were a friend lives now. So I collect all the parts that I need by the shops and ebay and have them shipped there. Twice a year my friend has a company container that is going to Europe any to his company and my collected parts go with it. Saves me on shipping especially the heavy stuff.

I still think about wire wheels and some new white-wall tires, see if there are any winter tires in white-walls (winter tires but without studs is ok because I won't be driving it in the middle of the winter here on the arctic circle.

Interesting facts about my car, it was once owned by Ken Harkema from Ken's classics (he worked on the program 'overhaulin' a few times). who sold it to Germany. Years, later,last year, I purchased it from Germany and brought it to Finland.
Somebody had previously put a 302 engine in it, but the previous owner just before I bought it, delivered an original 352 with it(came out of a galaxie). The gearbox is a FMX from 1967 (with alu bell housing chrome) probably came from a mustang???

carb. is a 1850-3 (4160) holley also from 1967 I believe. But it will work ok I think.

thanks again for the pics.

kuusamon 12-02-2009 05:00 AM

P.s, what I saw in the pics I see we have the same idea, thinking about to chrome also the air-filter housing, the power steering cover, valve covers, maybe the air inlet nose on the hood and maybe the ring around the taillights.
Saw on ebay, packages of valve covers and aircleaner in chrome and oil pans in chrome(I need a new oil pan anyway. Only thingis that the chrome valve covers do not have the letters 'Ford' or 'thunderbird' raised on them. The purchase these things ready in chrome is cheaper than having my own parts chromed. How is the quality of those parts?

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