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kuusamon 02-14-2009 11:59 AM

hood release handle location and top/trunk operation
my first post as a newby. This is my first square bird!
Just purchased a 1960 convertable and some work has to be done. Just got it in today.
I can't get the hood to open, there are may handles under the dash. tried all of them, but no luck. I might have to help the hood to open when another person pulls the right handle. The only T shaped handle is for the hand brake.
Does any one has a pic of the hood release handle?
and/or a pic/layout of the controls? maybe from an owners handbook/manual?
also how does the trunk open for the top to fold in, what is the correct sequence and controls. Does the trunk only opens electricly or is there a manuel possibility?
thanks in advance

Richard D. Hord 02-14-2009 12:17 PM

The hood release is just to the left below the steering column and below the instrument cluster. It may help if you have two other people hold down on the two corners of the hood towards the windshield and pull the handle. Other wise there are two rubber grommets in both front wheel wells behind the front tires. These will need to be pushed out, take a long screw drive and insert in these hole towards the firewall. If you can locate hood release there is a trip lever at the bottom push it back towards dash. Do the same on both sides.
As far as the trunk I think these are electric solenoids. Someone may be able to help on these.
Go up to the top of this page and hit search. Hit the show post box and type in convertible trunk opening. Look at previous threads and I'm sure you will find answer.
Keep me posted if or not you get hood open. And be patience remember she is almost fifty years old!

YellowRose 02-14-2009 12:19 PM

hood release handle location and top/trunk operation
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Welcome to Squarebirds, Ron! Thanks for information about your new Tbird. The hood release handle, at least on my '59 is to the right of the brake release. You should see a small T handle. Pulling on that should release the hood. Unless the cable is broken or stuck. There are two round push out plugs inside the hood. One on the drives side and one on the passenger side. You can access them from under the wheel wheels. Once you knock out those plugs, you should be able to get a long screwdriver or rod into the car and push against the hood releases on both sides to open them. Here are some pictures of them. As for the trunk operation, one of the guys who owns a '60 convertible, like byersmtrco, can answer that one.

Here is a picture of the small T handled hood release right below the Oil light. Maybe the handle is missing from your car? If it is, try grabbing the shaft wrapped with something to protect the threads, with a pair of pliers, and try not to grab the threads, and pull on it. The reason why my hood release stopped working was because the little ball at the end of the cable which acts as the stop, broke off and I ended up with a loose cable. It was replaced with a manual choke cable and that did the trick. Your cable might be broken also.

kuusamon 02-14-2009 01:37 PM

thanks for your quick response and nice words, I will let you know on the progress of the project, I will be gentle, indeed a 50 year old lady. Hope to have her back in good shape soon.
here a link code to the tbirdregistry were the car was already registred, I will update the info there now.Registry Number:1741

YellowRose 02-15-2009 12:42 AM

hood release handle location and top/trunk operation
Hi Ron,

I looked at the information on your Tbird on the Registry. Is that a light blue paint job? It looks like it. Does it have a 352 or a 430 engine? Does it, by any chance, have AC? Just wondering. It looks nice!

Now here is some information on how you might get that deck/trunk open. I gather, from what you said, you have no battery in the car yet. If you put one in, you might get the trunk to open. But if I understand, you have not found the top/deck/trunk release on the instrument panel yet. According to the Tbird Restoration Guide 1958-1966 (you should buy that and the 1960 Shop Manual, at least) the top release is on the far right side of the steering column, under the Lighter and the Wiper knobs. You should see a triangular black piece with a T Handle marked Top on it. That is your rear deck/trunk release. To the left of that you should see a light under the Generator light. That light, when lit, tells you that your deck/trunk is ajar.. I am not sure all '60 convertibles had that light. I would have scanned that picture in on Page 72 of the Restoration manual, but my scanner is down. If anyone has that book and can scan it and post it here, it will show Ron exactly where that handle is. The explanation should do the trick though in finding it.

If you have not done so yet, do a search for "convertible trunk", "convertible trunk opening" or substitute deck for trunk, on this forum, you will find information on how to get the deck/trunk to manually release, by knocking out some similar tabs like those up front in the engine well to get to the hood releases. Go through this posts you see once you do that search and you should find helpful information there. Good luck with sorting things out. :)

kuusamon 02-15-2009 04:43 AM

thank you ray,
yes it is a lite blue/aqua paint job but if I read the date plate color code correctly it probably was black when it came from the factory.
It has power seats, power windows, power brakes and original black leather interior. No AC though, If I find one I might consider putting it in. It does have a original radio.
The engine is now a 352 FE, there was a 'wrong' engine in there at least that was what the seller told me, a newer engine from a different ford model and he delivered a 352 engine with this car that I have to overhaul and build in(it originally from the factory had a 352).
There is some work to be done with this car but I believe that a total restoration might not be necesarry. I can see that the suspension has been done and I will check the rest. In case of doubt I might still restore the whole car.
I will check and read the date plate and put that info on the tbird registry also.

The shop manual I have already, it came with the car on CD that is, I will order a original copy in print, as well as the original owners operation manual and a restoration guide (by william wonder?? correct?).
thanks again.

kuusamon 02-15-2009 09:05 AM

I have some more info from the date plate.
Color code is N I thought before that was black but now after searching on the net it probably means diamond blue which is I think, the color now. However the inside wheel wells under the hood are black..
Trim is 52, trans is 4, axle is 3
body is 76A

JohnG 02-15-2009 10:05 AM

The William Wonder book on restoration is a real wealth of detailed information...

good luck!


YellowRose 02-15-2009 01:11 PM

hood release handle location and top/trunk operation
Hi Ron,

Here is some additional information regarding your Tbird. This web page should be a help to you. You can click on various other pages on the left side regarding it. First of all, Paint Code N is Diamond Blue. Trim Code 52 is NOT a original leather interior. If it is leather then someone changed out the interior. Trim Code 52 is MOROCCO GRAIN VINYL BOLSTERS AND INSERTS Dark Blue Bolsters, Light Blue Inserts. It sounds like someone decided to paint the engine well black, for whatever reason. Do you know what engine is in it now? Apparently you got an additional 352 engine with the car?



4 Cruise-O-Matic (3-Speed Automatic) (Required with 430 Engine)


3 3.10:1 352 Engine with Cruise-O-Matic

fomoco59 02-16-2009 08:04 AM

Sounds alot like my old '60 HT (Registry # 17635) Even built the same week. Same exterior/interior colors, which supports some thoughts that similar cars were processed together.

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