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YellowRose 09-08-2008 01:41 AM

The Alexander Sosiak Memorial Tbird CD
The Alexander Sosiak Memorial Virtual Thunderbird Show & Shine power show is now available. This show was produced in memory of our founder, who gave so much to us in the short time he was with us in life.

The show contains about 225 slides of '58-'66 Thunderbirds that belong to some of our members here on Squarebirds. It shows what a Tbird can look like when it is rescued from a field, or other location, and put through a thorough restoration. You will see the Before and After pictures, in some cases. You will enjoy seeing the many different Tbirds that our friends have been working with, and enjoying.

The show runs about 21 minutes, using Microsoft PowerPoint, for both Mac and a PC and it will loop. The CD also contains the Power Point Viewer files for those who do not have Microsoft PowerPoint.

About a dozen CD's have been shipped already, to Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and across the U.S.. Comments are coming in as to how great they think the show is, and how much they are enjoying it.

You can have your own copy for a donation of $10 to Squarebirds, a non-profit organization. You can make that donation to me by using my PayPal account, or mailing me a check, money order or cash. If you will PM me I will give you my PayPal account, and my mailing address. I will need your mailing address also.

All funds over production and mailing costs will be submitted to John Peters, the LOD/Squarebirds Treasurer for use in defraying the costs of keeping the Squarebirds Forum up and running..

If you ordered a CD and did not receive it, please let me know. To my knowledge all orders have been filled, and mailed out.

I think you will enjoy the CD. I certainly hope so. :p

YellowRose 08-26-2018 01:40 PM

The Alexander Sosiak Memorial Tbird CD
I just happened to see a guest looking at The Alexander Sosiak Memorial Tbird CD thread that I created shortly after Alexander's passing in 2008. After his passing, and I had assumed the responsibility for the daily activity of the Forum, I started working on the Microsoft Power Show. The idea was to memorialize his activities regarding the Founding of our Forum, and efforts to further popularize and spread the information, availability of Tbirds, and parts for them. Initially, I created the Power Show and put it on CD's because it was to large, at about 68MB to send through the email. Copies were bought and sold across the world to those who wanted it.

More than 10 years time has gone by and we still miss his leadership and presence on the Forum every day. However... we have been able to maintain his every post and thread for posterity for all to view. Untold numbers of people around the world, Forum members and Guests, have been able to access what he wrote. His family has forever been grateful for the present leadership having stepped forward and expanded his Forum to what you see today.

It just struck me that there are many of our members who might like to have a copy of this Memorial Tribute To Alexander Sosiak! Now I can offer it to you for FREE, through an email! A lot has changed since I started creating power shows years ago, and I have created many, many of them over the years. Most of them had to be kept short mainly due to the 10MB file size limit through email. But no longer.

There are file sharing websites now that allow you to transfer large (up to 2GB) files for FREE, quickly, and securely. I use We Transfer https://wetransfer.com these days, to transfer files to friends who like to view my large power shows I create. So if you are interested in having your own copy of The Alexander Sosiak Memorial Tbird Power Show, please send me a Private Message or email me at: rayclark07 "at" gmail.com... (replace the "at" with @). I will tell you how to access We Transfer (for FREE and safe) so you can download, save, and view the Power Show... The music on the show is from the BBC "The Thunderbirds" show of many years ago, so turn on your speakers! The Microsoft Power Show is available in the PC format, and also the MAC format..

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