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byersmtrco 11-07-2009 12:21 PM

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This set up will clear the plenum on AC eqpt cars (barley)

Mine's non-AC, but I've seen this bracket on a 352 (390) orig AC car

simplyconnected 11-07-2009 01:22 PM

John, I hope you don't mind my piracy, but I wanted to see your brake setup a little closer:

Howard Prout 11-07-2009 05:31 PM

Thanks for the great photo John, and Dave for enlarging and labeling it. Now I have a better idea of task at hand. I just measured the position of the mc and ac plenum in my car. The center of the mc is about 2.5 inches away from the edge of the ac plenum and the plenum protrudes into the engine compartment about 7 inches. I looks like the bracket on oldirishdave's unit won't work on my car - so I see the need for an offset bracket. I looked at both the dropnstop and gearheads web pages but found no mention of them. Ray, can you give more specific web directions.

I also found the picture useful in understanding the plumbing. As I see the way John's system is plumbed, the rear chamber of the mc cylinder feeds the from brakes directly. The rear brakes are fed from the front chamber through the proportioning valve which acts as a flow constrictor. The stop light switch can be on either brake line. I had visions of trying to plumb a cross over system and was having difficulty understanding how this would be done.

YellowRose 11-07-2009 06:05 PM

Disk Brake Conversion Discussion
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This afternoon, I went to several places looking for more rims. Howard, I have found a place that says they have a lot of Granada disc brake rims available for $25 each. He said they do not crush their rims when they crush a car. Unfortunately, he was one of only two people there and that second person was helping someone else and they were closing soon. I will go back next week and see what they have. I did go to Pick-N-Pull and looked through their "classic" cars there. We could not find anything that we needed.

I also went to see Rose and get some pictures and measurements of my AC Plenum/MC set up. They were about to close so in the rush to get in and get out, I forgot to take a measurement between the plenum side to the left side of the MC. However, if you look at one of these pix, you well see that I barely had enough room to squeeze in a piece of plastic tubing to get it out of the way of my picture taking... That MC is nearly up against the plenum and as byersmtrco said, there is just barely room to get a dual power booster on even with that adapter. It appears to me that IS the picture of the adapter that I have seen on disk brake conversion websites or somewhere else. Perhaps on someone elses Tbird. Here are the pix and measurements I took a bit ago. While I was downsizing the pix I see that Howard also posted and was eyeballing his setup. Maybe these pix will also help. Howard, I do not remember which site (if any) that I saw that bracket. I do know that several of the suppliers also supply the bracket because they know that their unit is not going to fit in there without that stand off bracket. I see I am going to have to do a lot of dust cleaning off my engine chrome when they get done with Rose!

Howard, to answer your question regarding who sells the adapter to help clear the AC plenum, I see that John Byers has the SSBC system on his convertible. It also has that adapter on it to get it away from the AC unit. I could not find it listed on their website, but they must certainly have it as part of their kit.

Anders 11-07-2009 07:26 PM

Excuse me for hi-jacking the thread for a second, but what is this soft sticky stuff that surround the AC box?
When I opend my box last weekend, all tubes and connections inside was "sealed" with this. And that canīt work I guess...:o

YellowRose 11-07-2009 08:45 PM

Disk Brake Conversion Discussion
Hi Anders,

That is a tar like sealer that was used to stop any leakage of air from out around the plenum. Dave or Richard or one of the guys can probably give you the correct name for it. It escapes me at the moment. I think it is the same stuff that they used in the Wixom plant to seal things with.

simplyconnected 11-07-2009 10:25 PM

Anders, I don't have a technical term for it, but all our local (home) A/C contractors use it. I believe it comes in rolls. It was definately applied after the car went through the factory Sealer Deck and Paint, because it cannot withstand 250 degrees F (the paint ovens). It's not painted, either. All the other factory sealer 'cures' in the paint ovens. I think your soft sticky stuff is designed to seal cold water and air without cracking over time.


Originally Posted by Howard Prout (Post 38786)
...I had visions of trying to plumb a cross over system and was having difficulty understanding how this would be done.

A despirate word of caution: Do not cross your brake system. Ford did that in the old days and cars just spun in circles. You can imagine, going around a bend and hitting your brakes, one front and the opposite rear. Bad news. It is far safer to divide your brakes by, Front pair and Rear pair.

Here's a rule-of-thumb, on ANY master cylinder, the larger reservoir end goes to the front disk brakes. Some Ford M/C's have a larger reservoir in the back (like John's). That still goes to the front disk brakes (he did it right). GM's large side is in the front (like mine).

Don't be afraid to drill a couple holes for your brake devices. They will NEVER move, once installed. Make it a nice, neat job (rather than looking for existing holes that aren't used. Put your proportioning valve, tees, etc., where they should be. If they should have an angle bracket, make one. If you need to get to an adjustment knob, put it in a place accessible to you. Then plumb. The sign of a good plumbing job is, how well everything is fastened.

As far as long or 'special' brackets, again, give OID a call. He told me he has dozens of bracket styles. Direct him to this site. Your measurements are all he needs. Last I spoke with him, he said, "I won't sell a brake system that won't work." That's my experience with him. - Dave Dare

YellowRose 11-07-2009 10:44 PM

Disk Brake Conversion Discussion
Dave, thanks for ALL the great technical information you have been providing us with. It is very greatly appreciated. I am sure there are a lot of others taking all this in, though they might not be saying anything.

As far as telling OID about us, he has been following this discussion, to some extent. He told me when I talked with him on the phone that he has been on the Forum and looking at this thread. I gather as a guest because I do not know him to be a member.

simplyconnected 11-07-2009 11:05 PM

My pleasure, Ray. I believe you have done all the running around, looking for rims and brake parts. So, most of that thanks goes to you.

I enjoy helping others restore their Ford's. I hope I'm not giving too much info, so as to be superfluous and long in the tooth. There are many others here with a more vast experience on the subject of, retrofitting brakes. Thank You good T-bird folks for allowing me, as I feel honored to share my Galaxie's power disk brake retrofit.

byersmtrco 11-08-2009 01:54 AM

The brkt was put on the car years ago by San Jose Ford. I don't know why. Perhaps a booster change. It hadn't had the orig m/cyl or booster for years.

As far as the SSBC kit, it came with the MC only. I got the booster from as local company called Power Brake Exchange (all they do is boosters & m/cyls).

The plumbing job (which I've never been happy with) was done by the shop that installed the brk kit. At some point, I'll re-do it and make it all perty.

It works though. It stops . . . from high speeds . . . in a straight line.

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