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Thunderherd 03-02-2017 08:21 PM

Street Rodder magazine
Just got my new Street Rodder , May issue, in the mail. You better run out and pick yours up. Haven't read the article yet, but the '58 bird that was at SEMA is featured.

Derbird 03-15-2017 03:12 PM

Link to article.

YellowRose 03-15-2017 05:26 PM

Street Rodder magazine
When you go to that link below, click on the link that will allow you to view all 37 pix of that highly customized and modernized '58 Squarebird. Now some of you may not like the customization, and others will, but what you will see is an old '58 given a new lease on life, with a totally modern engine, engineering, external and internal customization. Personally, I think it looks great and it certainly has be a much better performing and safer Tbird, I would think. BTW, I have added HS Customs to our Advertisements Forum.

bird 60 03-15-2017 08:01 PM

Over-all I like it. 10 out of 10 for the workmanship.

Chris.....From OZ.

Penelope 03-15-2017 08:48 PM

I like that, its classy and unmistakingly a bird, great lines and a simple clean up. Neat!

OX1 03-16-2017 06:41 AM

Also like that the stock lines are mostly intact.

Wonder how they got cup holders in the console,
must have an 1/8th clearance with the driveshaft :D

Would have done something a bit more custom
on the heat/AC controls. At least use the chrome
version if you have to keep that ugly setup that
comes with the kit.

Yadkin 03-16-2017 09:57 AM


Originally Posted by OX1 (Post 107144)

Wonder how they got cup holders in the console,
must have an 1/8th clearance with the driveshaft :D

By removing the tunnel, and converting to hydraulic drive. Or, they are recessed into the tunnel and are "heated" cup holders. :D

Seriously, the console is probably just taller.

sidewalkman 03-16-2017 01:06 PM

Hmm, overall I like it, the engine compartment is great, so clean but it certainly isn't a direction I would go.

Don't get me wrong, I am no purist, maybe if you have a mint numbers matching convertible but with a hardtop fill your boots with customization.

I guess my issue is when you look at the engine compartment it looks like no expense was spared and then moving back the used out of the box controls and finishes so the just look pieced together. I think with what they ended up with I would have opted for the stock console just refinished and then try to fit switching that is either more period correct, or go the other route and customize the whole thing, get high back buckets, a custom console and dash. Right now it looks to be someplace in the middle.

The body and mechanicals are outstanding, the fit and finish on all the exterior are show quality and gorgeous I just wish the theme carried over to the interior, like I said it's great until you see the window, air-ride and especially heater controls. Then it falls apart for me.

But I bet it rides like a dream and can go through a set of tires in seconds!!!!

YellowRose 03-16-2017 03:48 PM

Street Rodder magazine
As a result of the information posted below regarding the highly customized '58 Squarebird, John Byers ~ byersmtrco emailed a link to a former California 1959 Squarebird that now lives in Denmark! Anyone know anything about who in California owned this one, or who in Denmark now does? I think the sign on the garage behind the cars says Hans Larsen, but I am not sure. Here is a link that John sent me. Click on the various links and see the modifications and improvements a previous owner made to this '59 Tbird. A 428 under the hood and a lot more! Click on each picture to see more about the car.


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