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David R. 12-20-2016 06:32 PM

1962 Roadster Air Conditioning Problem
Rebuilt the compressor on 1962 Bird and all works fine,[very cold air]. However, when first starting the auto, the cold air will come out the center port. But when park and restart the car, the cold air will not come out again from center port but will deflect fine to your feet. After awhile, the center port may work again but some times the unit will not shut down. Wondering what solenoid, or switch or???, might be the problem? Now need air because of health problems. The air conditioning was not used for about 15 prior years.
Dave R.

jopizz 12-20-2016 07:34 PM

There are vacuum actuated solenoids on the toeboard doors. There is also a vacuum unit on the heater/defroster control that controls those solenoids. There are also adjustments on those solenoids. You need to check those units as well as the vacuum hoses for any leaks. The shop manual gives detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot the A/C system.


David R. 12-22-2016 05:03 PM

Greater detail on air problem on 1962 T.B.
Thanks John for the info you sent me on air problem for 1962 Bird. However, I have studied the manual, and was hoping that someone has had the same problem and what their findings were? This would save a lot of time, on my experimenting, and what they discovered to truly be the problem! Especially, with the tight quarters you are working with. The vacuum hose are new.
Dave R.

lake bird 12-23-2016 11:59 AM

60 tbird AC
Thinking about upgrading the 60 factory AC, can I use the coils and drier...just a new compressor type and hoses ?
Can the old style compressor be reused ? how about Freon ?

YellowRose 12-23-2016 12:37 PM

60 tbird AC
Steve, first of all, I don't have the answers to your questions but here is something that you might want to consider. IF you have to replace the coils, drier, compressor and hoses, you might want to take a look at how much that is going to cost you for parts and labor. As for freon, if you are running R-12 and want to upgrade to R-134a, you are probably going to have to replace some or all of that equipment anyway. One of our more techinically inclined members who have been down that road can tell you that.

IF you are going to pretty much have to replace everything to upgrade to a more modern system and R-134a, you might want to take a look at replacing the whole system, as some on here have done, and are very pleased with, using the Classic Auto Air "Perfect Fit" aftermarket AC system. They make their units for the 1955-1966 Tbirds, and the cost is about $1,400. For that price, you get a brand new, modern system that will run you out of the car, running R-134a instead of the more expensive and harder to find R-12. So once you have found out what all you are going to have to replace just to improve what you have and continue running R-12, or upgrading that system to R-134a, compare that to CAA's "Perfect Fit" system cost. Then you can make a decision as to which way to go. That is how I see it. Personally, if I were going to have to replace most or all of the AC equipment on my car with upgraded components, I would do so using R-134a, and go the expense of putting on the "Perfect Fit" modern system, and be done with it. Instead of relying on a 50+ year old AC system... Here is a link to the CAA.


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