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OUR5T8BIRD 10-10-2017 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by Cwcb08 (Post 111576)
does anyone know the fitting type, size, thread pitch ect, of the hose from that goes from the steering box to the wiper motor, im wondering if i go to the local hydraulic shop maybe i can have them make up a hose cheaper than buying one online and get the car back on the road before the weather actually gets colder

I may have a good used one if that is of any help . If I have it , no charge other than mailing it to you .

Cwcb08 10-10-2017 12:16 PM


Originally Posted by OUR5T8BIRD (Post 111577)
I may have a good used one if that is of any help . If I have it , no charge other than mailing it to you .

that would be :DAWESOME! let me know OUR5T8BIRD thankyou :o

OUR5T8BIRD 10-10-2017 03:56 PM


Originally Posted by Cwcb08 (Post 111580)
that would be :DAWESOME! let me know OUR5T8BIRD thankyou :o

Found one . The harder part may be to find a box to put it in . Will be a fun job changing it . Let me know where to go from here . You can send me your phone number by PM if you wish .

Great to see the younger generation getting involved with these older cars .

Cwcb08 10-18-2017 10:14 AM

got the hose OUR5T8BIRD was generous to offer us installed yesterday. ( thankyou again )

what a pain. getting the old one out was pretty easy, loosened the fitting at the steering box with a box wrench then when i had it backed all the way out by hand i put a rubber glove over it to catch the fluid while i worked on the other end.

once it was removed I fed the replacement back in an attached at the steering box then fought with the wiper motor end, got it started by hand but it didn't feel right so i backed it off ( didnt want to cross thread it ) then it took me 30 min to get the dam thing started again. ended up pulling the hose back out to recompare it to the original, reconnected the original to make sure i wasn't loosing my mind ( without fishing it back into place ). FINALLY after disconnecting it at the steering box i was able to fight it to start at the other end then wrestle it to thread at the steering box.

i snugged up all the fittings filled the power steering pump with fluid, started the car while it was iding i re checked the power steering and transmission fluid level, added as required then we went for a cruise down the river happy to report no leaks!

we have started talking about buying a different car for next year something that accelerates hard and fast ( and prettier paint or already painted with lots of go fast parts readily available ), we have been watching classifieds and online and we both knew it was coming but maybe not so soon..

thinking about starting at $8000 CAD if anyone knows someone looking in MI or ONtario

Cwcb08 11-09-2017 01:11 PM

monday was the last day of our thunderbird adventure, had a guy come look at it and make a cash offer.

sitting waiting for his flat bed to take it away:

empty lonely garage:

but it was short lived, my wife found this online and we went and picked it up yesterday 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS:


its been fun here and learning about thunderbirds, but the reality was making it pretty inside and out was just more than we wanted to spend! i told the new owner about you guys so hopefully he comes by some time.

jopizz 11-09-2017 01:18 PM

Welcome to the Monte Carlo family. Hopefully you'll keep in touch and the new owner will join us.


Cwcb08 11-09-2017 01:31 PM

I'll leave the bookmark in my top bar for sure, do the photo links work or does it make you sign in?

jopizz 11-09-2017 01:33 PM

The photo links work fine.


Cwcb08 12-05-2017 09:38 PM

havn't forgot about this forum, i check my bookmark for 64-66 flairbirds a few times a week, seems like mostly crickets lately hah

the monte carlo we bought wasn't in as good of condition as we thought, some thoughtful previous owner took it upon himself to repair the body mounts for us,, with spray foam and black spray paint.... :mad::mad::mad: (it was brought to our attention when we took it in for a safety)

now im in the middle of a frame off restoration ( never thought i would tackle something like this myself! )




parts we ordered to replace worn components


turns out the rear frame rails were shot to ( i guess thats common on G bodies )


replacement frame rails


the car came with a 305 sbc but we bought this 76 triumph for its motor to do a swap ( before the good news from trying to get a safety ) the motor is a 67 327 crate motor with l98 aluminum 350 HO heads


305 on the lift and 327 on the stand.

i also need to replace the whole floor but wont tackle that until the frame is cleaned repaired and painted

just popping by to let you guys know im still thinking about you and the Tbird

Dan Leavens 12-06-2017 08:06 AM

Cody thanks for the update and looks like you will be busy over the winter. That is a deep green in the garage wall in the pixs and looks like the Triumph colour.

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