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YellowRose 10-15-2016 11:00 AM

Did Your Tbird Make The 2017 Squarebirds Calendar?
I am still lacking enough new entries for 2017, but have gone over past years of calendars and selected those that I feel are excellent examples of various years of Tbirds, and poses. I am still expecting one or two more new entries to come in shortly, and if they pan out, will add them to the mix.

Just so there is NO confusion, this Calendar is NOT limited to only Squarebirds these days. It just happens to be that when Alexander Sosiak first started our Forum, he named it Squarebirds.org and he started featuring Squarebirds in the Calendar. Over the years, he and later, your present leadership, expanded the Forum to include ALL Tbirds, 1955-2005, and included the Big Fords also. So regardless of what year Tbird you own, please consider submitting your pix also.

If you have not had your Tbird featured in a past Calendar, and want to submit it for this upcoming one, please do so quickly. Review the information that I posted in the Anything Goes Forum, on how to set up your camera, and pose the Tbird for the best pictures.

YellowRose 10-22-2016 12:44 AM

There WILL Be A 2017 Squarebirds Calendar
I have 9 Tbirds selected for the 2017 Squarebirds Calendar this time. This includes two from years that we have never selected before because no one every submitted them. I think you will enjoy them. We have five Tbirds from overseas Countries selected this year! I have selected, at least temporarily, three other cars from past years to fill out the 12 that I need for the calendar. I will gladly replace those three if someone can get me three more Tbird pix to consider that have not been featured in the past. You have until the 31st of October to do so. After that, I need to get on with the process of uploading the pix to Cafe Press and setting up the 2017 Calendar on their website. Then I need to do a test run to make sure it is all looking okay. I would like to get the Calender into production before the end of November so that it will be available to those of you who, in the past, like to give it out as a Christmas present to friends and family. So, if you have pix to submit, please go to the Anything Goes Forum and the information in the Squarebird Calendar Picture Guidelines post.

YellowRose 11-11-2016 01:57 PM

2017 Squarebirds Calendar Update
One way or another, there WILL be a 2017 Squarebirds Calendar! I now have 13 new Tbird photos, including the Cover! These have never been used before. However, we will not be able to use Cafe Press again, as we have recently. In a shocking development, I was informed that they no longer market the type of calendar we need. This not only effects us, but many others who used their calendar services. It also effects Lincolns Of Distinction, as I informed John Peters ~ driller. I put him in contact with the company that I am working with to print and market ours. I have found another On Demand, Direct Mail printer that is about to run a test of our completed calendar for me. In a few days, I will have a test calendar to review and approve, or have the necessary changes made to it, if needed. I will provide you with the necessary information on how to go about placing orders once everything is finalized. So bear with me for a bit longer, but I hope to have the details posted in a week or so.

YellowRose 11-22-2016 03:31 PM

2017 Squarebirds Calendar Ready To Order!
To those of you who are considering ordering a 2017 Squarebirds.org Calendar, please send me an email or a Private Message ASAP. I will give you updated information regarding how to go about doing it now.

Thunderherd 11-22-2016 03:59 PM

Hey Ray. Can the calendars be previewed before purchase.

YellowRose 11-22-2016 04:15 PM

There WILL Be A 2017 Squarebirds Calendar
Hi Jimmy, no, the 2017 Squarebirds Calendar will NOT be available to be previewed. I never do that, because that would ruin the surprise of whose Tbird was featured each year. However, to get an idea of what previous Squarebirds Calendars look like, go down to the Anything Goes Forum and click on the link that features the calendars from 2008-2016. Go to Post #8, and you will find the link to each.


Thunderherd 11-22-2016 04:53 PM

Thanks Ray. I got two calendars last year. One was for a gift for another square bird owner I had just met, and I haven't ran not again yet. Lol. The Birds in that calendar are just awesome. So, just to be sure here. Order from these people and then tell you. Or pay you and you order? Thanks, jimmy.

YellowRose 11-22-2016 05:04 PM

2017 Squarebirds Calendar Ready To Order!
Hi Jimmy, just like last year, payment is directly to HarrisPlus and NOT to me. They will be handling, receiving payment, printing and shipping as Cafe Press did last year.

Dan Leavens 11-22-2016 07:35 PM

Ray that is great news and let the ordering begin with HarrisPlus and let's break last years record order.

For those to have not ordered these calendars in the past, they are great to hand out as gifts over the holidays / personal gift to a TBird friend or as I do, order a couple. One for the home and one for the office, to show off our monthly beloved TBird classics.

I am going to order two (2) tomorrow and get your orders in soon while this offer that Ray has graciously put together, lasts:D

Ray again thanks for your tireless work in putting this together for 2017, as it is greatly appreciated.

YellowRose 11-22-2016 11:17 PM

2017 Squarebirds Calendar Ready To Order!
Thanks for the comments, Dano, and thank you to those who made the time and effort to pose your Tbird and submit her. As a result, in the end, I was able to choose 13 Tbirds that have never been featured before, including a few surprises! If you have any problems ordering or in receiving your order, please let me know so that I can coordinate with HarrisPlus. Happy Thanksgiving! BTW, one of our Forum members from across the country is presently visiting his family just a few miles away from me! Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to meet because of our schedules...

Thunderherd 11-23-2016 02:16 PM

Ray- ordered 2 calendars this morning. Seems like the prefer you e mail them. I talked to the receptionist, then to another person,and they didn't know about square birds. 2 nd guy asked around and said Rich knew, but would all me back in 10 minutes. He did. Got them ordered. Supposed to ship next week I believe. Thanks Ray.

YellowRose 11-24-2016 01:12 AM

2017 Squarebirds Calendar Ready To Order!
Thanks for the info. Yes, it will be Rich ya'll ned to contact instead of Quinn (as a last resort) or Tracy. Rich is handling the orders now that they are going into productions on the calendars. So when you email, send it TO: rich@harrisplus.com and a CC: to Quinn Harris quinn@harrisplus.com, and to me.

Dan Leavens 11-25-2016 08:20 AM

Yes Rich is the guy I talked to after emailing them my order of two (2). He took the order and then will send me the amount including the postage to mail them to Calgary, Alberta.
Good stuff:D

Thunderherd 12-08-2016 04:44 PM

Update on my order. Ordered two calenders. Got a box in the mail today with one calender in it. I called Rich. He said he would research it and send me another one.

YellowRose 12-08-2016 06:53 PM

2017 Squarebirds Calendar Ready To Order!
Thanks for letting me know. Rich is checking into this...

Thunderherd 12-13-2016 09:06 PM

Review time. My second calender came UPS yesterday. So Rich must have jumped right on it. Just don't understand why they would mail a calender in a box, UPS. Looks like they could have saved a substantial amount of shipping $ by putting them in a heavy duty envelope and mailing it USPS. But they are great. Kind of different from last year, where the calender was a real thick, cardboard like almost, pages. This years is a real glossy like , nice quality paper. I think very much on par with last years shiny, glossy pictures of the T-Birds. I'm very pleased. There are some very nice examples of some very pretty Birds. Wide spectrum of years. But I must say my favorite Bird is the one featured for March! Beautiful Ray! Thank you very much for all of your time and patience for putting this together. Come on people! Get your calenders while they're hot!!!!!

YellowRose 12-13-2016 09:40 PM

2017 Squarebirds Calendar Ready To Order!
Thanks for the comments, Jimmy. They are very much appreciated. When I found out that Cafe Press was no longer putting out calendars as we needed them, I immediately started looking for a replacement. I called some dozen companies, but was told by all that they do not offer the full services that we got from Cafe Press. Until I found HarrisPlus, who does provide nearly the same services as Cafe Press. One exception is that they do UPS only shipping for all their products, not being set up for USPS. So, since I was desperate, I jumped at the chance to use them, though it was going to cost a bit more per calendar and in shipping charges. I figured that was better than cancelling the calendar for 2017.

Another difference is that they only use 100lb paper stock for the cover and 80lb for the other pages, instead of 100lb throughout. I am glad you like the wider variety of Tbirds this year! So far, orders are coming in, being printed and shipping out and I am tracking each of them.

YellowRose 12-16-2016 02:43 PM

2017 Squarebirds Calendar Ready To Order!
To those of you anywhere in the world who are considering ordering a 2017 Squarebirds.org Calendar, please send me an email or a Private Message ASAP. I will give you updated information regarding how to go about doing it now and get one for FREE!:D.

YellowRose 12-23-2016 03:00 PM

Did Your Tbird Make The 2017 Squarebirds Calendar?
Wanna find out if your Tbird was selected for the 2017 Squarebirds Calendar next year? Click on the link below and find out! If you would like to have the 2017 Squarebirds Calendar for FREE, just print it out!

Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected asked me why don't I put it on the Forum for everyone we have to print out for FREE! I told him that I had never thought about doing it that way. He told me that I could just take my .pdf copy I have of the calendar and upload it to the Forum, create a link to it and everyone around the world who wanted one, could just print it off for themselves for FREE! They could print it out one month at a time, tape the Tbird pic and the calendar pic together, and put it on their wall to see. Then when the month changes, they could do the same for the next month. Or they could print out the whole calendar. They could even put it on a thumb drive, take it to a local office supply store, and have them print it out on 80 or 100lb paper, bind it, and hole punch it, if they wanted to. Or they could buy some 80 or 100lb paper for their printer, if it will handle it, and print it out at home. On top of that, if you want an already printed, put together and hole punched copy delivered to your mailbox, email me or send me a Private Message and I can tell you how to get one at a decent price!


YellowRose 01-01-2017 02:08 AM

Did Your Tbird Make The 2017 Squarebirds Calendar?
Last year there were, if I recall correctly, about 78 Squarebirds.org Calendars bought. This year, there have been 37 bought. The decrease might have been because we now offer the Calendar for FREE to any of our users around the world, who do not want to buy a calendar made by our supplier, and are willing to print out their own calendar. The details on how to do that are posted in Post #19 below. To my knowledge, all 2017 calendars that were ordered have been printed and received by those who bought them. If that is not the case, please let me know. Here is the link to our 2017 Squarebirds.org Calendar for those of you who want the calendar, but have not downloaded and printed it out yet.


However, if you prefer to buy a complete calendar, put together, hole punched and ready for hanging on the wall, contact me by email or Private Message. I can tell you the details, cost, shipping, and send you the link on how to order them. There has been a change of our procedures in effect in the last week or so and that will save you a bit of money. $2.50 of the cost per calendar now goes to help support our Forum server.

YellowRose 01-03-2017 11:23 PM

Did Your Tbird Make The 2017 Squarebirds Calendar?
Just as a matter of curiosity, how many of you have printed out the 2017 Squarebirds.org Calendar from the Forum? If you have, are you printing out just one month at a time or the entire calendar? Are you printing it on heavier paper stock or just regular bond paper? Just wondering...

YellowRose 01-07-2017 10:47 AM

Did Your Tbird Make The 2017 Squarebirds Calendar?
To my knowledge ALL orders for 2017 Squarebirds Calendars have been printed, shipped and received. Except, possibly that of John Goulet ~ JohnG. If he has not received his yet, he might today or Monday. If anyone else wants to order a printed, bound, and hole punched calendar, give me a call, or send me an email or Private Message and I will provide you with the current details..

Richard Honeycutt 01-07-2017 08:27 PM

Havent receivec my calendar
I requested a calendar but as of yet haven't received one.
My shipping is as follows....
J.R. Honeycutt
82222 NW Game Creek
Lee's Summit, MO

if you still have them available please send me one along with billing.
Happy New Year,
Rich Honeycutt

KENN 01-07-2017 08:36 PM

I Ordered My Calendar On 12 29 And Got It 8 Bays Later. Email Ray For Instructions. They Are Very Well Done And Good Quality. Thanks Ray For All Your Help And Hard Work Putting These Together For Us.. Kenn

YellowRose 02-27-2017 02:17 PM

Did Your Tbird Make The 2017 Squarebirds Calendar?
I just had one of our members recently ask me if the 2017 Squarebirds Calendar was still available. The answer is YES, and if you want one complete and already put together for you, ready for hanging, just email or PM me and I will give you the details on it. His calendar just shipped to him.

Thanks, Kenn, for you comments. Much appreciated. IF you ordered a calendar and never received it, please let me know. To my knowledge, ALL orders have been completed and mailed out.

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