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YellowRose 10-01-2016 10:30 AM

NO Squarebirds 2017 Calendar??
From what it looks like, there will NOT be a Squarebirds Calendar this year... Unless you get your pictures into me shortly... I only have 5 Tbirds out of 13 possibles that qualify. The rest are either to small in file size, or poorly posed to be considered for the Calendar. There is still time to submit your pix if you want to see a Calendar for 2017. If I can get 7 more qualifying candidates between now and the middle of November, I can probably still put a Calendar together. Please see the Anything Goes Forum on tips on what settings to use on your camera and how to pose the Tbird well for Calendar consideration. Here is the link to that thread. Check Post #1. This Calendar is open to ALL years of Tbirds as long as you are a user/member of this Forum and your Tbird has not been selected in the past.


Joe Johnston 10-02-2016 10:48 AM

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I always liked this shot of my Sport Roadster even though the background composition could have been better. This car was in the Squarebird Calendar 4 years ago, so come on guys, it doesn't have to be a 58-60!!!!!

Dan Leavens 10-02-2016 10:23 PM

Joe I too like that tail shot of your Roadster and remember when it was in our calendar. Always liked that colour and the tonneau covers.:D

Joe Johnston 10-03-2016 08:49 AM

Flash back

and remember when it was in our calendar
Thanks Dan. Still have and drive them regularly - love FL and convertibles. Here is a flashback picture.

GeoffInCarlsbad 10-16-2016 02:44 PM

Hi Ray:

I committed to offering some pictures for the calendar and I am happy to do so.

I just read the following from your link below:

Set it to 3,000-6,000 pixels, or 3-6MP or higher settings. Anything less than that will cause problems and I probably will not be able to use your pictures. I can work well with those settings. I cannot if your camera is set to something like 800x600 to 2,500 pixels. Make sure your camera is set for a 4:3 format to accommodate a 11"x8.5" photograph for the calendar. I receive photos with other settings that I cannot use because they do not fit that size requirement.

Choose the weather and location carefully. You want it to be a day that is cloudy or overcast, not a bright, sunny day. You want to keep the sun from reflecting off the chrome or the paint and shadows from underneath the car if possible. As for location, try finding a place that has a nice background that does not take the focus off the car. You want people looking at your Tbird in the picture instead of at the background. Place the car in front of some trees, an open field, or anything that does not cause one to concentrate on the background. Make sure there are no disrupting power lines or telephone poles showing in the pictures. If you have had Squarebirds Calendars in the past, flip through them and take a look at how others have posed their Tbirds in the past. Keep shadows off the car. Stay away from being under trees that cast shadows onto the car.

Take pictures from various angles of the car, making sure that you get close ups of the car that shows it completely. Don't cut off the front or back of the car. The best way to show the car is either by taking pictures of the car directly in front of you, from front to back, taking the side view. Or from the front or back, angling down the side of the car to give a good view of it. You want the car to nearly fill the picture from side to side, but leave an inch or so of space on each side. The reason for this is when I take that photograph into Photoshop to process it and have it printed, there is what is called the "bleed" effect. That cuts off a bit of the picture on the left and right side of the car. If you get the front or back of the car to close to the edges, that "bleed" effect can cut off the nose or tail of the car and you do not want that! If you take head on or tail pictures don't send them to me because you don't get to see much of the car that way and you want to highlight all of the car.

Above all, if you are taking pictures with the car on a road surface, get as close to the car as you can (but not to close that processing the picture will cut off the nose or tail) and eliminate as much of the road, dirt, sand, grass surface as you can. Move the camera up a bit to cut off excessive pavement, grass, sand, etc. I would rather have more sky than to much foreground. You want the Tbird to have the focus on it, and not the surface in front of it. I get to many pictures with a lot of road, grass or sand in front of the car. More than I need. Keep in mind though that I do need something under the car that I can put the text in identifying the car and the owner. That surface should be something like grass, or a light pavement surface, or sand. Something that will allow the text to show up well against it when I type it in. Also, consider the background carefully. A blue or cloudy sky allows me to put the Squarebirds logo in that will show up well. One with a lot of trees and no sky, have a tendency to soak up the logo and cause it to not show up well.

Once you have taken some good pictures, send them to me in email. They may be large size so you may only be able to send a few at a time. I will consider the ones that I think are best for the Calendar. I will be starting the selection process sometime in September. Those that are not selected for that year will be given first priority for the next years Calendar.

One final comment. I am in great need of pictures taken at Show & Shines of Tbirds displayed together. Those types of pictures is what I like to use as the cover picture. So while you are out to these events, please see if you can get me some good display pix like that, without people in them if possible. That way I don't have to be concerned about someone objecting to being in a picture they did not want to be in.

Below are some examples of how to pose the car and how not to. The last picture was a Cover picture that did show a lot of grass, but it also gave me sufficient room to post several lines of text for the Cover statements..

this week is going to be a hot, sunny week in SoCal, but once that cools, I hope that I can get ou wnat you want by 11/1.

Doing the best I can.


YellowRose 10-16-2016 03:29 PM

There WILL Be A 2017 Squarebirds Calendar
Hi Geoff, I appreciate that! I only have one Bulletbird candidate so far for this Calendar. Do what you can and send me what you can, if you get the chance to get out and do so... Thank you very much!

GeoffInCarlsbad 10-17-2016 10:50 AM

Bullett Bird
Hi Randy:

It won't be until the weekend. I'll get out the 35mm digital and head to the beach and see what I can get before there's too much sun.


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