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spanky 04-04-2016 10:45 PM

Solid State Turn Signals
Anyone installed an electronic conversion for sequential turn signals? If so how's it working.

MLZ 04-05-2016 06:37 AM

I installed one on my 65 TBIRD last year. It works great.

HighwayThunder 04-05-2016 08:30 AM

Inexpensive LED "bulbs"
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LED replacements for many of the taillight and instrument panel bulbs have become reasonably priced. This screen-shot shows some good bargains available through Amazon:

Yadkin 04-05-2016 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by spanky (Post 99945)
Anyone installed an electronic conversion for sequential turn signals? If so how's it working.

I installed one on my '64 a few months back and it works perfectly.

JJbird 04-06-2016 02:01 AM

Very easy to install and works great

spanky 04-07-2016 11:33 AM

Well, I have one on order. Once its installed I'll post how it goes.

YellowRose 04-11-2016 02:51 AM

Solid State Turn Signals
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I told my fellow local Tbird club member Stan ~ also Spanky to us here on our Forum, that I would post this information in the Technical Resource Library and share it with ya'll. He had been having a problem with his '66 Flairbird sequential tail lights. A previous owner had probably also had that problem in the past, if the wiring regarding it was any indication. He said his initial problem began with stuck on stop lights and moved upwards from there. The old relays had given up, and what was there was not OEM. He said that after troubleshooting for some time and trying to fix the problem he finally had to give up and purchase a new electronic turn signal kit set up. Here is what he got. He did some research and found that there is a replacement kit to fix this problem and he bought one from Larry's Tbird Parts. He said other tbird parts houses also sell this unit. In Larry's catalog the part number is B 13367B and is found on page 56. Its a plug and play installation, easy to install and has been working fine since he recently installed it. Here is the link to Larry's website. You can see the item and the cost there. I will also post some pix of the unit and the wiring schematic. I have since found out that the B model is for Flairbirds built prior to 11/16/65. There is a C model that is for Flairbirds build after 11/17/65. The second link is for it.



Click on the schematic to enlarge it and print it out.

If anyone decides to go this route, I am sure he would be glad to tell you how he installed it. It is not difficult at all. He did give me a word of caution though and that regards installing the green wiring. One of them has a white stripe down it, as I recall, and one does not. He said to be careful attaching the green brake light wires, as he reversed them and didn't have stop lights. As soon as he figured what he had done, he fixed that and that fixed the brake light problem.

I just posted this information in the TRL also.

Stan just sent me a pic of what his installation looks like after he installed. Also, I just talked with the owner of the company (Cougars Unlimited) who manufactures this unit, Vic Yarberry, in New Mexico. I will have a lot more to say about that. He markets a unit for the 1964-1971 Tbirds and also Cougars.

YellowRose 04-11-2016 06:45 PM

Solid State Turn Signals
Cougars Unlimited, is the company that made Stan's unit. It is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, owner Vic Yarberry. Vic had a Cougar with the sequential turn signals that developed a problem like Stan had with his '66 Tbird. So Vic decided to build a new unit to replace the old OEM system that had aged. The new unit worked well and in 1988 he went into business as Cougars Unlimited, LLC, and has been marketing these units ever since. He has expanded his line to include 1964-1971 Tbirds, 1967-1973 Cougars, and the 1969-1970 Shelby Mustang.

You will find his contact information in the Advertisements Forum under Cougars Unlimited.

Here is his catalog.


bobconrady 04-22-2016 03:02 PM

Switching to the solid state unit was one of the best investments I made to my 66. I fought the original unit trying to get it to work correctly, then gave up and bought the replacement. Easy to install, and no more guessing if my lights are working or not!

spanky 04-28-2016 12:35 PM

Solid State Unit
As is mentioned through out this message the solid state signal is almost a must on Flairbirds. Now that I have one I trust the folks behind are seeing the light. I recommend this switch over highly, even to the purist you have to consider safety on the road first.

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