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YellowRose 12-02-2015 11:33 PM

New USA Squarebirds Decal Administrators!
I am very pleased to announce that we have new USA Squarebirds Decal Administrators! Due to press of work, and long hours, John Goulet had to step down from this position recently. He remains as a fellow Administrator though. We very much appreciate his efforts in assisting Dan Leavens in handling the processing of USA Paid Members and renewals.

After talking with present fellow Administrator, Leonard Wheeler ~ Yellowbird and his wife Debbie, they have agreed to assume this position. I understand that Debbie has considerable experience with Excel, which will be a boon to them. Dan Leavens will continue to lead this team and handle the overseas processing of Paid Members and sending out the decals to overseas members. Leonard and Debbie will do so for the USA Paid Members. Thank you both for stepping forward and taking on this position. It is very much appreciated.

scumdog 12-03-2015 12:18 AM

Well I know Leonard & Debbie are just the right people for the position, as we say in NZ: "Good on you" guys!

simplyconnected 12-03-2015 01:17 AM

This is a tough time for educators. They just finished the first semester finals. My mother was an Algebra teacher at my HS and I remember helping her grade tests. It was all done at home because time at school was spent teaching six classes of 25 students. That's 150 tests to be graded each week.

College level Math is much more in-depth and it isn't simple Math. The professor must see the work to give partial credit where due in complex problems. I don't envy JohnG and I appreciate all the help and sound advice he has given to Squarebirds.org over many years, with a whole-hearted Thank You. John knew Alexander before he passed so I regard JohnG as one of our founding fathers.

I can't say enough for Leonard Wheeler, either. He's another member who is eager to help. I think he and Debbie will be a great team for the new paid members. He certainly has helped Squarebirds.org over the years. Leonard, give me a call if you need any additional web space to store your Decals files. Thanks for taking over for the Decals in the USA. - Dave

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