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MMcCollough 11-15-2015 11:16 AM

Acquired a 1960 T-Bird
We have acquired my Grandfathers 1960 T-Bird.
He bought it in 1968 and quit driving it in 1972, the car has been stored in a museum here in Auburn, Indiana since 1998, The reason I am writing is this. The car is different, it has no power brakes or steering, even the windows are crank, it has the (Y) 352 special V8, it has a three speed Manuel trans with no overdrive and there is no radio, the dash where the radio usually is, there is no place for it. One last thing there was a plaque on the dash (my dad has) from the Ford Motor Company, we are looking for that, it had Fords logo and a guys name.... Several people have commented that this looks like a race ready 1960 T-Bird that was kept on the street. If so that would make it extremely rare from what I have been told and read in my research so far.
Any information would be great!
We plan to get it back on the road and show it Barn fresh at several car shows to get a sense of it's history before doing much to it. I have redone several vehicles and motor bikes over the years so I should be fine and here in Auburn there are several world class restorers to ask questions. I would put up a picture of it but not sure how to do it.

Thanks for any feed back,

Mark McCollough

YellowRose 11-15-2015 11:28 AM

Acquired a 1960 T-Bird
Hi Mark, that sounds like quite the Tbird you inherited there! I would think that it is rather rare, from your description. Not that many were produced with manual transmissions. Here is a website that will give you a lot more information on the '60 Tbird. It is unfortunate that we do not have the records regarding how many Tbirds were produced with manual transmissions, etc.. They were never kept back then.


This will give you quite a lot of information regarding the '60 Tbird in general. As for posting pix, if you have not looked at the Welcome I posted to you in the New Members Welcoming Forum, please do so. You will find the information there on how to go about posting pix. We would love to see what you have!

Hopefully, some of the members will come along and comment on what you have on your hands there. It sounds like you have a good idea of what you want to do with it. As for it not having a radio, or AC, either, I imagine, beneath that dash pad, the holes in the dash should be there for them, I would think.

MMcCollough 11-15-2015 12:03 PM

Thank you, On the amount of manual trans, my number was at 2% (1900 in 1960) and yes I am sure there are areas under the dash that have those mounting holes, but the dash has never had a radio in it. who knows, might just be a standard model with no added stuff. no matter we have loved the car and will do our best with it. Thanks

jopizz 11-15-2015 12:38 PM

It would help if you could find the ROT sheet. They are usually under one of the front seats between the springs. Sometimes they are under or behind the back seat or even between the carpets. That would give you some idea if it was a special order and will give you all the factory options it was ordered with.


MMcCollough 11-15-2015 12:58 PM

Yes I am pretty sure I have seen that under the back seat. I will look for that. We have been told that Ford made 100 or so race ready 1960 T-Birds for the few they entered in Nascar in 1960. no records but you should see these things, or the lack of other things. And the car has 99% of the list. was wondering if anyone else had heard this and what they may know. Thanks

YellowRose 11-15-2015 01:01 PM

Acquired a 1960 T-Bird
1 Attachment(s)
Mark, also look through any paperwork regarding the car that your Grandpa might have had. Look in the glove box for a piece of flimsy paper like this one below, called a Rotation (ROT) sheet, or a Build Sheet. It is what the linemen used to know what to put in each Tbird as it came down the line.

Also, if you have looked at the options I gave you on how to post pix on this Forum and you want to send them to me, or jopizz, we can post them for you. Or you can do it the ways that are listed in my Welcome to you. We would love to see whatcha got there!

This form below is the Build or Rotation (ROT) sheet you should look for. It says the Lincoln Assembly Plant on it, but the Wixom plant produced both Lincolns and Tbirds in it.

I just saw what you just posted. I have never heard that 100 figure before. I know of about a half dozen or so that were turned over to racing companies, like Holman-Moody to modify and race when Ford decided to get into supporting the NASCAR type races... Look in that back seat again, because if that Build/ROT sheet is there, and still readable, it will confirm the VIN # on your Data Plate on the drivers side door post, and the information on that plate, and a lot more information on what that car left the factory with on it. It is an important historical record on the building of your Tbird.

DKheld 11-15-2015 01:53 PM

Same here on the 100 "race ready" cars - but you never know. The proof would be in documentation - that will be hard to find. That plaque may hold the secret.

What color is your car?

352 was the standard engine. Is the "special" designation a sticker on the air cleaner? Those were in the Galaxie I believe and available today - I see lots of them on Tbird air cleaners. Not saying yours is not a special edition but just letting you know what info is out there.

I believe the Holman-Moody race cars (8) all had the engine set forward or back from original (used only the 430?) and dual front shock set-ups etc. Only documented Holman-Moody car I'm aware of is in a Museum in Mooresville NC.
(notice no passenger or rear seat - roll bar etc)

The padded portion of the replacement dashes come with the radio hole deleted and you are expected to cut it out if you have a radio (or A/C). I believe the metal portion of the radio hole is open as a standard but I know for sure the A/C vent has a knock out plate.

Funny - most windows on cars these days are power but back then most were manual.

Glad to hear there is another family owned Tbird in the group. Sounds like a cool car. I've always wondered how the 3 speeds would drive. Mine is already a hand full with the auto - :D My Dad and Mom bought the one I have new - here's my ROT sheet that was under the back seat.

You might enjoy these.....


YellowRose 11-15-2015 02:05 PM

Acquired a 1960 T-Bird
The G (352) engine (export only) was called an "Interceptor V-8". The Y (352) & J (430) were called "Special V-8" engines.


DKheld 11-15-2015 02:19 PM

Yea - I'll have to look again. Not sure I remember the "special" designation in the original brochures but have not seen any "special" stickers on the air cleaner in factory documentation. I do think I remember seeing the "interceptor" designation in the factory docs.

This is the info that came with my car when new and I still have the original service agreement!

This is a pretty comprehensive dealer brochure - I'll check it when I get back to the house.


MMcCollough 11-15-2015 03:47 PM

Thanks DKHeld,
Yes I have heard of Holman and Moody, the special 352, knew that was just what Ford called them, regular V-8 352, it does have the Yellow valve covers, not too special. Not 100% sure but from what I know......The 100 number and Nascar, when a company enters a stock car they have to build at least 100 of them to be legal, that gets it a stock model designation, these can be sold to race teams or individuals and driven on the street, back then they just offered them as a stripped down version of that car ready to race with a few secrets added per team with in the rules, now days they raise the price and call it the Nascar edition and fill it full of stickers. We have been told to look for as much documentation to show that it is in fact one of those 100 made for Fords quota of 100. I will look for those things, paperwork and the dash plaque. And I don't know how to put this other than, the car is a time capsule it is as original as it gets, nothing has ever been replaced, it is as it was, still has the last oil change on the window from 1972 and the air command sticker in the right front window (the guy my grandfather bought the car from went off to Vietnam) was the parking permit at the base the guy was from (still know him) and the rest, yes was a kid back then but remember much was different, re:the crank windows, my first vehicle was a 1947 ford truck, I started redoing at the age of 13 and finished at age 16. drove it for a few years and kept it. the rest I will have to follow up on, but as I said this car is in pretty good shape and everything is still with the car, untouched and stock, does need some help inside and out (it's 55 years old but some what rust free) we are looking at a complete brake job and a thorough resurrecting of the motor, and some tires. At that time being safe to drive we will take the old gal for a dance... And the color of the car and top is a light powder blue with light and dark blue interior

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