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YellowRose 11-21-2015 09:07 PM

Order 2016 Squarebirds Calendar!
Thanks, Eric! I appreciate the comments. Unfortunately, I was told that I don't have a choice in the actual calendar they use. But I will ask again next year and see if they will make an exception.

Dan Leavens 11-22-2015 09:15 AM

Eric I think we all need glasses especially reading all the fine print in the manuals:rolleyes:

YellowRose 11-30-2015 07:51 PM

Order 2016 Squarebirds Calendar!
There have been no further calendar orders since the last post I made regarding how many people ordered how many calendars. An amazing few weeks of calendar orders! By now, all who ordered should have them in hand, except perhaps for a few overseas who may not have received theirs yet, but should shortly.

I would suggest that if you still desire to order a calendar before Christmas as a gift for someone that you place that order now. That should allow Cafe Press to get it printed and in your hands before Christmas arrives....

DKheld 11-30-2015 08:00 PM

Yep - I already have mine in hand.

Wish I had ordered more than the extra 3 I bought for gifts!!!!!


YellowRose 11-30-2015 09:24 PM

Order 2016 Squarebirds Calendar!
Hi Eric, if you need more, it is not to late to get them there before Christmas. You should get them in 7-10 days after an order is placed.

YellowRose 12-12-2015 03:35 PM

Order 2016 Squarebirds Calendar!
Someone who is not a Forum member ordered a calendar today from the Cafe Press Marketplace. As a result, that cost him $19.99 instead of $15. Do NOT place the order from their Marketplace... Order it from my SHOP using the link below. That number on the end is my shop number. Again, make sure you select January 2016 as the calendar start date. Here is that link.


YellowRose 12-21-2015 06:31 PM

Order 2016 Squarebirds Calendar!
One of our overseas members just ordered 2 calendars today, bringing the total to 59 ordered! This is the best year ever for calendar orders! This arrangement has worked out very well for me and I also hope for ya'll. It is a little late to get any on order and to ya by Christmas, but the calendar will be available all year long for the coming year.

Penelope 12-21-2015 10:27 PM

Hi Ray, can I order one too please?


YellowRose 12-21-2015 11:33 PM

Order 2016 Squarebirds Calendar!
Hi Bill, you certainly can! Just click on the link I will put here. The cost should be $15, plus whatever they charge you for mailing it to you. You can use PayPal or credit card. Make sure that when you go to this page that if you see anything other than January 2016 for a start date, click on the down arrow and scroll down a bit and you should see it. It will probably come up as December 2015, and you do not want that for the start date. Go to January 2016, and then order the calendar. I do not know why they don't just make January 2016 as the default, but it is their software.. If you want more than one copy, change the number 1 to the number you want. If you want to view the contents of the calendar, down below the cover picture you should see View Calendar. It should list each month. By clicking on each month, you can see the pictures for each one. If you see it start with January, then you know you have selected January 2016 as the correct start month. Here is that link.


YellowRose 12-28-2015 10:14 AM

Order 2016 Squarebirds Calendar!
As of today, 27 people ordered 61 Squarebirds Calendars this year! All orders have been completed and shipped according to the status report that I receive. Those that ordered right before Christmas should be seeing yours show up over the next few days. Thank you for making this the success it has been this year! Those of you who still would like to order a calendar can do so now or at any time in the coming year. Just make sure you follow the instructions below. Do NOT order from the Cafe Press Marketplace, but directly from my Shop... To do otherwise is going to cost you additional money.

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