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lnoska 06-11-2015 10:45 PM

Electric radiator fan 1960 Thunderbird
Ok who has converted to electric radiator fan, an can give me some information?

I would like to remove the original fan and replace it with a electric fan The car is just fine while driving but gets hot in stop and go traffic. I have had the radiator flow tested, replaced the thermostat, and flushed out the engin block.

I think I will have to change the generator to an alternator. The size of alternator would depend on the current the fans use. Is there an alternator that works best with electric radiator fans? Am I thinking straight or not?

YellowRose 06-11-2015 11:14 PM

Electric radiator fan 1960
Larry, we just had this discussion regarding electric fans, alternators, etc.. I just put a new tech tip in the Technical Resource Library under the Alternator & Generator section. Look for "Selecting The Right Tbird Alternator" in the Final Dress section. If you are going to add an electric fan, and necessary unit to control it, you may as well install a 130amp alternator or more, and be done with it. That way, if you add anything else electronically that is going to demand more power from that alternator, you will not have to worry about replacing one that has a much smaller amperage output. Read all the information on alternators in the TRL. As for the electric fan, Dave Dare and others can tell you what to look for, as he and others have electric fans on their cars.

Read through this article also.. http://www.squarebirds.org/vbulletin...ad.php?t=18914

And this one also. Ryan got an electric fan setup from Cool Craft, I think it was..

Here is more..

Ford351c594 06-11-2015 11:29 PM

yes, it was cool craft. really like. if you don't need the radiator they sell the fan and shroud custom made with a very simple relay temp unit controller.

YellowRose 06-12-2015 02:55 AM

Electric radiator fan 1960 Thunderbird
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I have been doing some more research for you. One person who has been down this road before, converting to an electric fan, is Greg ~ Dakota Boy. Here is what he put on his '58 Tbird with a 460 engine.

Late 90's Ford Contour V6 dual fan 24" x 16" x 3.5" w/shroud using a Flex-a-Lite 31163 electronic fan controller. This electric fan fits the OEM radiator perfectly.

New; from ebay for 100 bucks total; shipped to my front door.
Fan controller mounted in the rectangular hole at the bottom left corner.

Ray's comment:
Go down to my #1 post on this link to see what I found at our local Pick & Pull. As I recall, this is the fan that I sent to Dave who has this fan running on one of his Fords now.


Here are some pix of what Gregs fans look like, and in my thread, there are some pix of the fan I got off that Ford in the junk yard.

simplyconnected 06-12-2015 05:51 AM

OEM fans work well, they are balanced and they last a very long time. I tried to get Ray Clark to put an electric fan on his 'bird at one time. He went to his local bone yard, found a Crown Vic and had them remove the alternator and fan. For some reason, Ray decided not to install them on his car so I bought both pieces from him and I mounted both on our '59 Galaxie Y-block.

The fan I'm using is one big fan in a molded shroud (like most of them are). The dual fans are ok as well... Ford turned one fan on all the time with the A/C compressor, and the other as a backup.

When you get the alternator with the fan you KNOW they are matched as the alternator is certainly large enough for the fan, even if the car sits like a taxi cab.

When I fitted the fan to my application I noticed there was a lot more room in front of the radiator so I spaced my radiator back toward the engine 1-1/2" and mounted the fan in front. This worked out great because the wires only needed to be reversed. These fan motors do not use a chassis ground because they are mounted in plastic. Another advantage is, the fan is not on the hot side of the radiator. It pushes colder air into the radiator and the fan motor never gets hot. Win, win. Works great.

I am using a temperature sensor mounted about half way down my radiator, just in case the coolant level dips. When the radiator gets hot the fan turns on. Just that simple. Just because the engine is up to temp does not mean the fan needs to run because wind removes heat from the radiator as the thermostat regulates the engine temp.

In Michigan winters, my cooling fan may not turn on for months. This is a tremendous gas savings and one of the reasons why modern cars get away with using smaller engines. Another feature new cars use is the WOT switch (wide open throttle). If you floor the gas pedal, this switch shuts off your A/C, alternator, cooling fan, etc., to deliver maximum HP to the wheels until you lift your foot after you get off the tracks. - Dave

YellowRose 06-12-2015 12:04 PM

Electric radiator fan 1960 Thunderbird
I just put this information in the TRL under Fans, Fan Shrouds & Electric Fans... I figured it would be good to have it there, plus, whatever else is added to this thread.

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