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Alexander 01-20-2003 08:49 AM

What happened to the Golde company?
Kevin found some information about the fate of the Golde Company. Apparently it is now part of STAPLA Ultraschall-Technik GmbH which was established in 1982 by the engineers who designed and built the world's first ultrasonic metal welding systems. On the STAPLA website it states, "In 1986, STAPLA's owner, Hans-Dieter Golde and Saeed Mogadam founded STAPLA Ultrasonics Corporation here in the United States. Mr. Golde is an experienced business man and engineer who was a former partner of the Rockwell-Golde Group of Companies, the leading supplier of automotive sunroofs and window regulators. The family's entrepreneurial tradition continued when Mr. Golde started his activities with the burgeoning technology of ultrasonic metal welding at STAPLA Ultraschall-Technik GmbH." It does not seem that they are in the sunroof business anymore.

To see the whole website go to: http://www.staplaultrasonics.com/company.htm
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Rockin Kev 01-20-2003 08:03 PM

RE: What happened to the Golde company?
Hi Everyone
As you can see by reading Alexanders previous post i have been investigating Golde Holdings. I have waited until now to post information as the research goes on. As you will have read that Dr Golde is in new ventures but the Golde sunroof devision was sold to Rockwell USA. Rockwell have devisions in Europe and the States in parts for Coach and Truck vehicles. Now as time went on Merritor Auto International purchased Rockwell-Golde and the Sunroof devision.
Now this is the interesting part Merritor hold the office for Sunroofs in Frnkfort am Main Germany and Birmingham England!.
Now the English office is part of the Auto sunroof international chain as Merritor bought Britax(British sunroof maker) a short time ago and there based in Birmingham!. As for the German office i have sent them an e-mail to find out more information and to see about repro parts. Now as for repro parts the Birmingham office stated that if i supply them with all my T-Bird fittings in rubber they! could have ago at one off reproductive copies!!!. As the company has a devision in reproductive rubbers for all sunroofs or can make to order. Now if you can read German have a look at this site http://mitglied.lycos.de/richter/praktika.htm Now i hope your reading this Eric you may be able to help here.
Out of interest i have found out most of my information from VW owners as the Beatle was one of the first cars to have a Golde top roof. Iam now waiting on an answer from Germany but will let Auto sunroofs have a go at reproducing sunroof parts and if there good i will see if they can mass produce to all Golde T-Bird owners.
Kevin 60 Sunroof

Rockin Kev 01-20-2003 08:10 PM

RE: What happened to the Golde company?
I have tryed to see the link i posted but its coming up with the wrong information so try this one. Andrés Online-Bewerbungsmappe: International Business, Marketing ... - ... Senior Consultant, Marketing jetzt International Marketing Specialist bei Ascend Communications Rockwell International, Golde Sunroof Division Hersteller von ...

Alexander 01-20-2003 09:30 PM

RE: What happened to the Golde company?
My first language is German. I can still read the language well.

The link seems to be broken. If you find the link, please post it. There are many translation sites for German and English, including one on google.com, so you should be able at least to get the gist of what the page says.

Thanks for hunting down this information.

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