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YellowRose 04-12-2015 04:26 PM

Carlisle & Hershey 2015 Events
An update to this. Claudio Maiolino, of Brazil, President of their Auto Club there, just confirmed that he will be at Carlisle and Hershey. Look for him around The Bird House display and Carl Heller ~ partsetal. I hope ya'll get to meet him.

I am aware that a good number of our Ford owners on Squarebirds.org, from across the USA and the world, go to the Carlisle and Hershey events each year. In the recent past Squarebirds.org has been attempting to give the members of our Forum a better chance to meet each other. We sent our flyers and a poster to John Peters of our Forum and of Lincolns Of Distinction for them to display. We did the same for The Bird House. Hopefully, they helped.

However, I have another idea that came about because new Forum member Claudio Maiolino of Brazil, told me today that he often goes to Carlisle and Hershey in the Fall. I suggested to him that he try to find the Lincolns Of Distinction display and get to know John Peters ~ driller. Since then, I just had a good conversation with Carl Heller ~ partsetal and here is an even better idea. At Carlisle, look for the Bird House from Delaware display and introduce yourself, and tell them that you are a Squarebird.org member. Carl Heller ~ partsetal will be close by them also. Hopefully, they will be able to introduce you to other members who might be visiting their display. Or tell you where you can find other Squarebirds.org members. Look at the Tbirds on display at both events, for the Squarebirds.org decal that all Paid Members of the Forum receive. Then see if you can meet that car owner and get to know him/her.

Carl Heller ~ partsetal, will be at the Fall Hershey event and his display can be found at C4C-31 & 32.

If you are planning on attending one of these events, and would like to meet other Squarebirds.org members here is what I suggest you do. Post here, letting others know what dates you plan on attending and which event(s). If any of you would like to meet John Peters ~ driller, Carl Heller ~ partsetal, Charles and the Bird House staff, and others, send a Private Message back and forth and make arrangements to do so. It would be great if more of you would be able to meet in person. Especially since so many of you have been posting back and forth to each other for quite a few years now.

Here is the list of upcoming events.

2015 Upcoming Carlisle and Hershey Events.

Spring Carlisle - April 22-26.

Carlisle Ford Nationals - June 5-7.

Fall Carlisle - September 30-October 4.


Hershey Fall Meet.

2015 AACA Eastern Regional Fall Meet

Fall Meet 2015 - October 7-10.


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