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YellowRose 08-01-2015 10:53 AM

Clogged sunroof drain
Hole mystery - Posted by Stevenlesser

Well it tuns out that a lot of the rust I'm fighting; driver side floor board, rocker panels, may be due to the leaky top. I found the front holes, I tried to wire them clear to drain but have an obstruction. Are the other end of the holes the bottom end of the front drain holes visible in the front wheel wells? Say if I turn the wheel all the way to the passenger side? How about those back holes, I didn't spot the back set of drain holes. Does the roof need to come out of the car to see these? How about the rear bottom end, where can I spot it? I sent pics to the fellow recommended for the weatherstripping but didn't hear back, and tried the English vw guy. I'll have to send pics with a measuring tape over the roof. Seems like the sun roof repair is vital to the car coming back on line. Is there a way to put phone pics in these notes to share the fun?

Response on How To Post Pictures by YellowRose.

When we welcomed you to the Forum earlier this year I posted this information to you and all new Forum users in the New Members Welcoming Forum on how to post pictures here. Here is what was said.

We always enjoy seeing pictures of our new members Tbird. If you have any you want to share with us you can post them directly on our server as a Paid Member. To become one, have a PayPal account and click on the Donate to Site button at the top right of this Forum. Or you can create an account on one of the free picture hosting websites, (like Photobucket) upload your pictures there and post the link to them in Our Rides Forum. Keep the pictures to no larger than 800x600pixels.

Harry LePargneux 08-04-2015 04:04 PM

The bottom of the front drains are on the underside of the rocker panels, about an inch back from the front fender lip. They are about 1.5 inches wide and face the inside of the car. The rear drains are also on the underside of the rocker panels. There is a reference to drain holes in Section 13 of the 1960 Shop Manual.

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