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YellowRose 09-12-2014 01:33 AM

Resizing Photobucket Pix
From time to time, our users have problems with trying to figure out how to downsize their pix in their Photobucket accounts to get them to the 800x600pixel limit on this Forum. To assist those of you using Photobucket, I did some research on their site and found these instructions on how to do it. It is not that difficult to do for each picture over the 800x600pixel limit and here is how to do it.

If your pix are set at anything greater than 800x600pixels to set them in Photobucket to 800x600 do this.

Log into your Photobucket account and go to the Image Editor. Select the Edit tab which should bring up the album your pix are in. While in Edit click on the image(s) you want to edit and change size on.

After you have selected a thumbnail image to edit, that image will be opened in the editor to display in full (very large images may be zoomed out to display the entire image). When viewing the editor, you will see the Resize option in the middle of the editing options bar, located above the image.

Selecting the Resize option will bring up sizing options for the image. Changing the size will change both the width and height of the image, (which is what you want to do) as the option to maintain proportions is automatically selected. Change the size to 800x600pixels or smaller.

Select Apply, and the new sizes will be applied to the image within the editor screen. Select Save, and that image will then be resized to your new size settings, and will appear in your account at that size. Please note that saving and replacing the image will save over the original size image you have uploaded, and that original size image will no longer exist.

Do that for every image you have posted or want to post, that is over the 800x600 limit. If you do that, clicking on those Photobucket links your pictures are in, should bring them up as 800x600pixel pix instead of the larger 1024pixels or greater size.

Here is the link on how to do this.


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