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denis4x4 05-02-2014 04:40 PM

Forward height adjusting collar...
Still looking! Tried the VW and BMW sites without any luck. Anybody out there have a source?

YellowRose 05-02-2014 04:55 PM

Forward height adjusting collar...
Dennis, hopefully, someone will be able to help you with your question. You might call the guys at The Bird House in Delaware, and The Bird Nest in Oregon. Both have/had parts cars and might have the part you are looking for.

In answer to your question regarding how many posts you must make before you can post pictures. NONE! You can post pictures anytime you wish to. If you did not read my Welcome to you back on February 7th, (as I recall) 2012, click on this link and you will find the full explanation on how to post pix on this Forum. It is part of EVERY Welcome I post to EVERY new user who joins this Forum. So read it and then you can figure out which way you want to post pix.


YellowRose 05-05-2014 09:32 PM

Forward height adjusting collar...
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Today I spent some time researching the Forward Height Adjusting Collar for the Golde Top, trying to find a part number for it and source for this part.

Both Dave ~ simplyconnected, and I have looked through the 1960-1964 Ford parts tech manual and found a part that I think might be this part. It is listed in the Catalog as 502B66. It looks to me like it sits on top of the front slider mechanism, which is 502C10. So then we went to the
1960-1964 Ford Parts And Accessories manual to look up 502B66, but we could not find that number listed there. However, when you look at the parts Illustration, it looks to me that this little collar sits on top of the front slider and might just be part of it! So if you can find a 502C10, it might have the collar on it.

Now, according to the Text Catalog here is the information on that part. It is called a 502C10 - Guide Assy. - Sliding Roof Panel for a 1960 Thunderbird, S(63A) C0SB 63502C10-B and it lists the quantity as 4 of them. Probably 2 front and two back. This is the closest thing we can find. I think this is it. I am attaching a pic that might help. You will see the circle around that part in the pictures. If anyone has this as a spare part, please contact Dennis, or if you know who he can get this part from, please let me know.

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