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YellowRose 07-06-2015 10:28 AM

elijahbird7's Tbirds!
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Jim and his friend Andy, went to another show. Andy took his beautiful '57 and Jim his beautiful '59. Here is what Jim had to say, followed by the pix.

"Andy brought his Starmist Blue 57 along with me to a show in East Troy, Wisconsin. This show is always a challenge to win a trophy. Over 250 cars, and the classes are 10 years, and all makes, so we were in the 1950-1959 Stock class, which always has lots of 50's Chevys, Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs, etc. It's a participant ballot, and you can only vote for one car per class. The other obstacle is the fact that it's a relatively small town, and a lot of the people know each other, which skews the votes as well. But, the 59 came through again. They award 3 plaques per class, but, no rank of the three winners.

After the show, we went to the 1920's ice cream parlor in town, and Andy took the picture outside the shop. The owner then came out to check out the cars, since he hadn't seen the 59 before. Unfortunately Andy's '57 didn't win in the class."

bird 60 07-06-2015 06:58 PM

Congratulations Jim, good to see you take a prize again.

Chris......From OZ.

YellowRose 07-12-2015 08:54 PM

elijahbird7's Tbirds!
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Jim went to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin today. There were 3 awards, Best of Show, 2nd place, and Kid's Choice. The 59 took Best of Show and Kid's Choice. The second photo is a shot of the young girls who kept coming back to see the car! They "Loved" it. The next generation of fans I guess.

Dan Leavens 08-02-2015 09:41 AM

Jim congrats and she is becoming a repeat winner at the S&S:)

YellowRose 08-15-2015 08:01 PM

elijahbird7's Tbirds!
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Jim has been out on the S&S circuit again this weekend and racking up more trophies! Here is what he had to say and a couple of pix.

"Decided to give the 59 a rest and take my 56 to a "Judged" show today in Racine. The 56 took 1st in the class "1950's". The very nice 57 Chevy took 2nd place. The top trophy was called "Director's Choice", and the 56 won that one as well. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 92, so I am putting the top up on the 59 and flipping on the A/C for a drive to Caledonia, Wisconsin for an afternoon show..luckily it's only from Noon until 3 PM. JIM"

I am going to post a pic of each of these winning cars. It happens to be that back in the early 60's, I used to own a '57 Chevy just like this one...

Dan Leavens 08-16-2015 09:24 AM

She certainly is a real beauty. Congrats:D

YellowRose 08-16-2015 06:27 PM

elijahbird7's Tbirds!
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Jim was at another S&S today and here are the results!

"Took the 59 to a show in Caledonia, Wisconsin today. It won "People's Choice/Best of Show", my 56 won that same trophy at the same show 2 years ago. About 75 cars, with some very tough competition."

Here is the pic!

Dan Leavens 08-17-2015 09:03 AM

Jim congrats again on the Best in Show selection. You will soon have to build a trophy case if this keeps up:rolleyes:

YellowRose 09-20-2015 02:20 AM

elijahbird7's Tbirds!
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Jim continues to rack up trophies with his gorgeous '59 Tbird! Here is what he had to say about today. His buddy Andy was showing his '57 also.

"Andy with his blue 57 and I went to a car show in Rochester, Wisconsin today. This is a Judged Show with 3 judges looking at all of 130+ cars. Andy took 2nd place in the class we were both in. (They only give 2 trophies per class) I think it was a 55 Chevy that took 1st in the class. I told him, well, you finally beat me!!. He said he would hold off on celebrating until the "Best of Show" trophy was announced.....and my 59 won it!
The pose of the car is where they photograph the Best of Show car, then next year's Dash Plaques and Trophies have a photo of the winning car on them. You also park in the Winner's circle in the front of the show next year, and at the show will receive a large wooden Plaque with the photo of your car on it stating "Best of Show 2015", which is presented to you at the beginning of the show.
A very nice day after some rain in the early morning."

Here are a couple of pix he sent me.

YellowRose 09-26-2015 08:03 PM

elijahbird7's Tbirds!
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Jim was at another car show today! Here is what he had to say followed by a pic of his latest award!

"Just got back from a Thunderbird Club show about an hour and a half away. Had to take the expressway both ways, so was running at 70-75 to keep out the way of traffic. I was in the class 58-66 Thunderbird Convertible. Took first place."

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