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YellowRose 11-04-2013 02:10 AM

2015 Squarebird Calendar Orders
The selection process for the 2014 Squarebirds Calendar has been completed. I will be taking the results to the printer soon. Anyone desiring to purchase a 2014 Squarebirds Calendar can do so via my rayclark07@gmail.com PayPal account. Make sure that you have that account name correct, as there are other PayPal accounts with names similar to mine. rayclark07@gmail.com The cost of the calendar remains at $22 US, which includes mailing. If you do not have PayPal, you can send me a check or money order. Email or PM me for my snail mail address.

YellowRose 11-14-2013 11:49 PM

2014 Squarebird Calendar Orders
The 2014 Squarebirds.org Calendar is about to be printed. I reviewed the results earlier today and it looks great! I am taking orders for them now and have had a few already. I should have the calendars in hand by Thanksgiving. See the details below for ordering information.

YellowRose 11-18-2013 06:55 PM

2014 Squarebirds Calendar Orders
I have not done this in the past, but I have had a good number of inquiries from our users as to whether or not their Tbird has been accepted for the 2014 Calendar or not this year. So since there is such keen interest this year in finding out, I will tell you this. In no particular order, the following Tbirds will be featured in the 2014 Calender:
Canadian Bill Frankland's '60 Royal Burgundy Squarebird;
Dan Holmes, '66 Blue Flairbird from Down Under;
Dena & Dennis Gorder's '58 Turquoise & White Squarebird;
Jeff Adams '60 Blue Squarebird;
John Pizzi's '59 White Convertible Squarebird;
Ken Harkema's '58 Turquoise Convertible Squarebird;
Luke Tate's '66 Green Flairbird;
Phil Garvey's '59 White Squarebird;
Steve Martin's '58 Black Squarebird;
Finland, Tero Rojola's '60 Red 430MEL Squarebird;
Neil Swartz '59 Turquoise Convertible Squarebird;
Mark Ravagnani's '61 Red Bulletbird from Down Under;
and Marcelo Laviano's '60 Black Squarebird.

Those that were not chosen this year will be given first consideration for next year. Nearly half of the 50 supply of calendars have already been spoken for, so if you want one, you should get your order in to me quickly.

tbird430 11-20-2013 04:24 PM

Just sent you a payment for one 2014 calendar Ray!!

Keep up the good work my TX friend. :)


YellowRose 11-22-2013 12:35 AM

2014 Squarebirds Calendar Orders
This afternoon I reviewed the final proof of the 2014 Squarebirds Calendar and it has gone to print. I am very pleased with the results and quality of the pictures again this year. We have some great looking Tbirds out there amongst our membership. I think you will be pleased. If you want a calendar you should get your order in before they are all gone! Over half of them have already been bought. I should have them in hand this weekend. In fact, I have the proof set in hand and it is beautiful! See the information below for more details on obtaining one.

YellowRose 11-22-2013 04:02 PM

2014 Squarebirds Calendar Orders
This morning I picked up and paid for the calendar run, after going through each one and making sure each was correct. I am very pleased with the results. There have been 26 already ordered and paid for, so half the run is already spoken for, with several more payments on the way. I will start the addressing and mailing process next, as soon as I can. I am anxious to see what ya'll have to say about this coming years Calendar!

tbird430 11-23-2013 11:59 AM

Just wanted to say "Thank you Ray", for keeping this T-Bird calendar going each year. I know it's no easy task sir.... :)

-Jon in N.TX.

YellowRose 11-23-2013 12:06 PM

2014 Squarebirds Calendar Orders
Thanks, Jon! It is interesting work, but difficult picking whose cars make the calendar from year to year. There are so many good candidates, especially between the Squarebirds. I was lacking in Bulletbird and Little Bird choices this year, though there was one Bulletbird submitted, but no Little Birds. I just finished stuffing some envelopes with calendars and am going to make a post office run on my way to the So. Texas Tbird Club meeting. Unfortunately, I did not get down far enough in the list to get to yours, but I will later this weekend!

YellowRose 11-24-2013 12:20 AM

2014 Squarebirds Calendar Orders
This weekend, I have processed some 20 orders for 30 calendars, 9 of which went into the mail this morning before I went to my local Tbird Club meeting. When I got back, I have spent the evening stuffing and addressing envelopes and processed all that I had orders and payments received for. I found it interesting that there are three orders going to Tbird owners in Finland alone! I will be making another post office run come Monday.

jopizz 11-25-2013 02:26 PM


I received my calendar this morning. Another fantastic job (even with my "piece" included). I'm sure everybody who orders one will be pleased with it.


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