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YellowRose 02-24-2013 07:46 PM

User Registration Updates
A vBulletin technician is working on fixing some problems with our registration process for us. If, when logging on, you receive a statement that you have missing information in your User Profile, do this. Go to UserCP and click on Edit Profile. Enter the missing information it asks for. That will probably be City, State and Country. Enter your City, State and go to the drop down Country listing and if in the US, click on the entry for United States. Then go down to the bottom and click on Save Changes to save those entries.

If you are not in the US, where it says State for the 50 US States, just type in the word None. Go down to the bottom, click on Save Changes and save that information. You should only have to do this one time, once you save the changes.

dgs 02-24-2013 10:46 PM

Yeah, I've seen this, twice. The first time it asked for my address too, but the second time it didn't.

I'm curious why city, state and country would be required? I assume the address requirement was a mistake since it wasn't listed the second time.

YellowRose 02-24-2013 11:11 PM

User Registration Updates
Hi Doug, the city, state and country has always been required items to be entered, but a lot of people have not been doing it. Alexander established that years ago. It is good to know where the person you are talking with during a post is located at. Sometimes, people find they are close to each other because of that, and can zip over and help them. That information has also come in handy a few times when someone has broken down.

You would be surprised at the number of would be spammers or hackers out there that try to get into this Forum every month. Sometimes they give me false names, no names, false city, state or country names. Anything to try and get by me and get on our Forum as they were several years ago until we took action to stop that. There is one thing that trips them up that I won't go into here though and when I catch them, they get banned and deleted. Every month I have a number of would be registrants that do not give me their name, their city and state, or city and country. I have to go back to them to get that information and often times never hear anything from them again. I suspect it is because they never get my email to them asking for those missing details. When they register, they are given instructions to put my email address in their address book before they register so their email software will recognize my email. I think they do not do that and my emails probably go into their spam or delete folders. So a vBulletin techie is fixing the registration process so that to become a user they will have to fill out all the blocks. In doing so, we ran into a problem of the city, state, or country info is not showing up on the Forum for any of us, and we want that showing. We have always had that information in the past, IF it was entered upon registration.

Long explanation, but we are working on fixing this. Yes, the street address was not meant to be entered and he took it out.

YellowRose 02-25-2013 07:03 AM

User Registration Updates
The vBulletin tech is still working on fixing some problems in the registration process, which is also effecting those of us who are already members. We are almost there, but if, when logging on, you might get a message that states that you have some missing information in your user profile. You might see a message that says this. "You have empty profile fields that are required to be filled in. Please visit your profile page to update these fields." profile page should be an underlined clickable link that takes you to your UserCP Edit Profile section where you can fill in the missing information. Once you complete this, you should not see this statement again. It should only show up for present users whose City, State, (if you have one - if not, enter None) and Country information is missing. If you are in a Country that has Counties, Provinces or Territories, etc. enter it. To find your Country go through the drop down menu to find your Country name or designator, click on it and put it there in Country. Then remember that once you are done, go down to the bottom of the profile and click on Save Changes to save that information. Sorry for any inconvenience, but once this is fixed it is going to be a big help to me in handling new memberships.

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