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YellowRose 05-03-2012 06:39 PM

Picture/Graphics File Sizing
A question came up recently regarding picture/graphics file sizing and viewing sizing. Here is some information that should be helpful to you when selecting picture/graphics sizes.

There are a number of reasons why file sizes and picture sizing for the various file types on the Squarebirds Forum were established. 1. One has to do with monitor screen sizes. 2. Some of our users are still using dial up modems, making large files difficult and time consuming in downloading. 3. For picture display on the monitor so that one does not have to scroll back and forth to view pictures or graphics. For the benefit of international users that still use 4:3 monitors and those who use telephone modems, please limit your pictures to 800 pixels wide. Alexander set this standard in consideration of everyone.

There are a couple of easy to use photo re-size programs you can use that are listed in the PC Help Desk Forum. Here are the links to them. http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm http://adionsoft.net/fastimageresize/
You might consider using them when you need to re-size pictures.

The parameters were established by Alexander years ago when he created the Forum. He established the types of files that can be uploaded, the maximum file size for each type of file, and the maximum viewing size, 800x600, or smaller. Apparently, he found that size was the largest and best maximum size that works well for our forum and monitors. We have been maintaining his requirements ever since his passing.

Paid Members know the file limitations when they upload pictures or graphics to our server because they are spelled out for them in the Manage Attachments section when creating a post or thread. If you are not a Paid Member, you would not be aware of these settings since you cannot see them unless you are a Paid Member.

In the future, when posting pictures or graphics from some other source, such as Photobucket, or other picture hosting website, please set your pictures to 800x600 for viewing on the Forum. It would be much appreciated and would conform with the requirements established by Alexander when he established this Forum.

Please resize all posted pictures to 800 x 600 or less. If they remain over 800 pixels wide, the Webmaster will be forced to remove them from the forum.

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