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simplyconnected 01-26-2012 09:04 PM

Dave's 390 Build
I will document the entire overhaul in a separate site with questions and concerns posted here, in this thread. This departs from my normal way of posting, so I will number my pictures for you to reference. CLICK HERE for the 390 Build.

This build won't be like my usual engines because it will be suited for today's 87 octane gasohol, modern conventional oil, and extreme heat.

My first order is to find a good 390 core for machining. Enjoy the pictures and please offer any comments or concerns so that I may make a better build. - Dave

Tenshi95 01-26-2012 09:45 PM

Getting an error trying to click to any other page. Looks good so far, thanks for putting up pictures!


YellowRose 01-26-2012 10:02 PM

Penelope's 390
Hi Robert, Dave only has the first page up so far. That is why you are getting errors on the other pages. The first page is about the acquiring of the 390 and tranny. As he starts working on overhauling it, he will probably be putting that work on subsequent pages. Stay tuned!

Penelope 01-26-2012 11:41 PM

I am absolutely ecstatic that Dave has taken on this build for me and watching it happen from half a world away will certainly keep me in suspense. Cant wait to fire up the 390 and shift the '60 like its never shifted before. Thank you again Dave!

simplyconnected 01-26-2012 11:57 PM

Ray is right. When I set up my first page, I try to prepare it for pages that don't exist, yet. I just got this engine home yesterday and today we have freezing rain in Michigan. It would be nice to have a heated shop or to live down south where you guys are enjoying 60*F (tee shirt weather for us).

I could fly through teardown and assembly, without taking pictures (like most mechanics do), but that helps nobody on our site. Instead, this project will go relatively slow because I will document details, there is no rush, and I can wait for fair weather.

My upcoming job will be to remove the trans, intake manifold, timing cover, and heads. I am dying to uncover the condition of the rocker shafts. - Dave

Joe Johnston 01-27-2012 09:15 AM

Mine was rebuilt a couple of years ago but I will be following this also as its always interesting to learn the condition of the innards and what may have been done (or not) over the years and be aware of issues.

Perhaps an opportunity to show and explain many of the changes the FE went through over the years and some of the pitfalls when mixing parts over the broad range of production.

Looking forward to this!!!!

DKheld 01-27-2012 09:56 AM

Dave - can't believe you will have time to do that engine at the same time you are building your '58 Tbird convertible (heh).:D

Really great that you are passing along the info. Can't wait to see the progress. Already refreshed my memory on that welding rod trick - cool.

But I have some questions....

I see the oil filter on this 390 comes out horizontal and the Tbird is vertical - is that a simple filter adapter swap?

My guess is that you are just doing a long block without the intake because I see this is a 2 barrel intake with no road draft port and of course all the pulleys and brackets are different or maybe a 2 barrel is the planned route?


That is one sweeeeet Galaxie. Looking at the size of the exhaust - he didn't put a 429 in it did he?

This is really a great idea Dave,


simplyconnected 01-27-2012 01:59 PM

Thanks Joe and Eric. My goal is two-fold. I must confess, I welcomed this build but it wasn't originally my idea. Things just happened to fall in place at this time for Bill and I.

And it's funny... I just got off the phone with an old high school buddy of mine; Rocky Huddleston wants to help me wrench. A lot of folks are interested in this build.

Eric, this engine will have Edelbrock Performer heads & 4-bbl intake manifold. It will also have a roller cam and hydraulic lifters. I'm keeping the compression ratio at ~9:1. I will get into details as we go. There are parts I will swap from Penelope's 352, when it arrives in Australia. - Dave

gaffney1951 01-27-2012 03:45 PM

Roller cam ...
Dave, you might want to give Kieth a call. Sounds like it should be a nice build. I have a 433 FE stroker with roller cam and ported E-bock heads sitting on the stand that will be going in my 60 this summer. Mike

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Return to Index Keith Craft FE Hydraulic roller cam & lifter special $650.00

January 27 2012 at 12:21 PM Keith Craft (Login Keithc8)

We have several Custom Cam grinds to choose from. These camshafts are on
Billet camshaft cores. With High quality roller lifters. Call for specs for
your application. 870-246-7460

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simplyconnected 01-27-2012 07:54 PM

Mike, Thank You... you turned me on to a real good deal and Penelope will save some money. (I hope shipping doesn't kill me.) Keith Craft has all the right machines for a complete speed shop.

I understand he buys rough cams and rough heads, and does his own machining and grinding. Let's see how his prices compare. I might do a custom grind.

I spoke with Tony and sent him a shopping list of parts I need. I'm sure I'll hear back on Monday. - Dave

Mike, your engine looks awesome.

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