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eschober 12-13-2010 10:53 AM

Headliner install - 1960
Has anyone installed a new headliner on their '58-60? How does one go about it? must I replace the tach strips and what kind of 'staples' are required? Anybody with pictures of an actual install? and what does one replace the 'old' insulation with? Thanks all.

YellowRose 12-13-2010 01:18 PM

Headliner install - 1960
You asked this question before under a similar thread title. Here are the responses that were received then.


As for what was used for insulation, my interior guy used something similar to what was up there in the way of insulation. Not exactly what Ford used 50 years ago, but a similar good insulation material and glued it in, like they did.
He used a staple gun to tack the headliner in. What size, I do not know.

partsetal 12-13-2010 06:53 PM

I replaced a headliner in a 59. I cleaned the old insulation and replaced it by cementing a foil backed product (can't remember the name) designed to insulate. It looked like fine bubble wrap sandwiched between two sheets of mylar. Initially I had some problems with two bows (The shop manual discusses the color coding and location) that would not stand upright. I found some better bows to replace them, but I could have tweaked the ends to get them to center.
I too had a problem with the electric stapler-I used the shortest staple I could find at the time and it was too long. It would bounce back and not hold. I added a backer strip of thick fabric to add depth, and the staples held, but just barely. I now have an air stapler and will use it on my next job.
I intend to spend some more time getting the wrinkles out of the back corners. Steam does not help with the vinyl, and a heat gun offers some shrinkage, but I was very cautious as I didn't know how much heat it could take before puckering.
This job will try your patience. When you get frustrated, walk away, rethink your methodology and start afresh another day.
Good Luck!

YellowRose 12-15-2010 06:59 PM

Headliner install - 1960
I visited Danny's Upholstery shop who did my interior on Rose for me. I dropped off a Squarebirds calendar to him as a gift. He was very pleased. While I was there, I asked them about what it was that they used on the roof before they put my headliner in. They glued in a thin layer of jute, the same material that is used as a padding between the floorboard and the carpeting. However, that jute is about twice as thick as what they use for the roof. They also used a sound proofing metallic looking material around the tranny tunnel, the floorboards, firewall, etc. to deaden the sounds.

Then I asked them what size staples they use. It is 1.4" with a air stapler. However, they said you can use a hand stapler with 1/4" staples. As for the tack board pieces that are there to hold the staples, he said if you have some that are bad, you can take one that is good and use it as a sample and cut new ones like it. Or they also take waterproof heavy cardboard that they use to make my trunk panels and the Tbird panel on the inside of the trunk lid. Take two pieces of that material, cut to length and glue them together. That is another way to replace those tack boards.

I hope this helps.

Restifier52 08-12-2012 09:07 AM

Hey chemistry guys
I too have an air stapler that I will use on my headliner installation attempt. I cut the staples down to 1/4" with my dremel. My local upholstery shop said they don't reuse original tack strips. Does anyone know of a substance I could apply to my tack strips that would soak in and restore some of their "grabbing" ability? Or some other method more economical than paying for new strips? Thanks.


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