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Ken 6645 01-30-2014 12:17 AM

steering troubles
I have 64 t bird and when i go into a curve at any speed the front end dives down and is soft and mushy ...I also I have a 77 corvette that when I go into a corner, regardless of my speed, the turn is flat and solid.With little or no dipping .I figure that the t-bird needs the front end of the bird needs a lot of rubber bushing work maybe a sway bar, new shocks,or a complete front end kit..Any suggestion from you guys on who sells the best kit..Not the most expensive or the cheapest..Just a good solid kit at a fair cost..
Anyway,thanks for your time

simplyconnected 01-30-2014 12:37 AM

There are a few places that sell sway bars. I suggest you buy one that is at least 1-1/8" diameter. That will help a lot. If you want your T-bird to track like your 'vette, get a rear sway bar as well. Talk with Lance Herrington at thunderbirdsouthwest.com.

Your front end uses urethane bushings that can be changed for about eight bucks each. I highly suggest your do this, to tighten up your steering. I've done my cars and am really happy with the results. - Dave

dgs 02-15-2014 01:38 PM

Your T'bird isn't going to handle like your 'Vette. Adding the HD sway bar and a rear bar will help a lot, but it's still a luxury car, not a sports car.

I rebuilt my front end with the kit from Kanter, which is reasonably priced but in hindsight I'm not sure the quality is the best. Doing it again (which I hopefully won't), I'm not sure I'd use that kit.

After the rebuild, my car has a much more controlled ride but still floats quite a bit and leans in corners. I don't have the rear bar nor the HD front, however.

simplyconnected 02-15-2014 04:03 PM

Of course not, Doug. A Corvette is a Corvette, unlike every other domestic car. But, adding a stiff sway bar(s) will keep any car very flat around corners without otherwise altering the ride.

I think Squarebirds came with a 3/4" (or so) front sway bar. My Mustang has a way-bigger diameter than that. What size did you buy from Kanter?

Rear sway bars help a lot, too. If your car doesn't have a rear sway bar I hope you will get one for the coming season.

Rear sways are lacking in their mounting. Many bar manufacturers leave that up to the installer with very little help. My cousin's '57 Chevy has a rear sway mounted with soft threaded rod and it flexes! I noticed one day when the car was in the air, that the rods were bent.

There is no excuse for poor mounting. Companies like Speedwaymotors.com offer heims rods for steering at very reasonable prices. Here's a 1/2"-20 beefy one for six bucks:

Want a jam nut? Use one of those old lug nuts you have laying around. You can weld it to a pipe if you need extra length. - Dave

dgs 02-16-2014 11:24 PM

Mine's still got the factory front bar, no rear bar. All I got from Kanter were new links to the A arm. I'm mostly OK with how it drives, I don't need it to corner like a sports car. That's what my Mazda is for. :D

I didn't mean that the handling can't be improved, just that I'm not sure it'll ever get as good as a 'Vette.

Maybe the better way to put it is to ask if a Corvette is the right benchmark for comparing the ride and handling of a Squarebird to. I wouldn't expect them to perform similarly at all nor would I want them to. Different cars designed for different purposes.

simplyconnected 02-17-2014 12:44 AM


Originally Posted by dgs (Post 82208)
Mine's still got the factory front bar, no rear bar. All I got from Kanter were new links to the A arm...

Well, alright... All these cars from fifty years ago had horrible suspension and braking characteristics, across the board, in all brands.

Since then we have learned a lot. Now that we know how to correct deficient braking or handling the question becomes, why on God's good earth wouldn't you? (Especially if you drive your classic in modern traffic.)

I don't know what 'links' Kanter sells. Are you referring to upper 'A' arm pivot shafts? - Dave

dgs 02-17-2014 01:30 PM

I meant all the kit included as far as the stabilizer goes were the links to the lower A arm. The Kanter kit includes new upper shafts, all A arm bushings, ball joints and stabilizer links.

One day I may upgrade the bar and add a rear bar, but it's a bit low on my priority list right now.

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