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YellowRose 11-28-2008 04:46 PM

Kickdown Problems
The work on my '59 is about finished, except for paint and the interior being redone. The one remaining problem regards the lack of a passing gear... The COM was rebuilt and everything seems to be fine.. Except when you try to kick it down into passing gear. The kickdown is not working right. I have used the search engine and looked through all the posts regarding "tranny kickdown", but have not found what I am looking for in the way of trying to determine the problem.

The kickdown rod seems to be hooked up right. In fact, nothing was changed, that I now of, when they disconnected the tranny to take it out to overhaul it. I do not know if the kickdown was working when I got the car. I dont remember if it was ever checked out.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to what to check for, or how to set it up to work right? My mechanic friend tried to adjust it, but never got it to where it would kick in. Same thing goes for the shop my COM was overhauled at. They have the Bird and will work on it some more to see if they can get the kickdown to kick in. So far, they have not had any luck either. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

bcomo 11-28-2008 06:43 PM


The kickdown rod is called the "Throttle Control Rod" in the shop manual. In the 60 shop manual it's in Part 6-2, Lubrication and Adjustments. The kickdown adjustment contols some internal transmission pressure, and tells the trans at what point to go into kickdown.

With engine NOT running --

You need to disconnect the Throttle Control Rod cotter pin and clevis at the top side near the carb control rod bracket.

Then, pull the throttle rod toward the front of the engine untill it hits the internal stop. Keep it there with one hand, and rotate the clevis, either way, untill it just enters back into the bracket hole.

Then, rotate the clevis 3 turns counterclockwise, which will lengthen the rod. Put the cotterpin back on the clevis, and that should be good for a manual setting.

If your control rod is set properly, and you still don't get a kickdown to happen, then there might be something wrong in the internal Throttle Body.

A more exact measurement and setting is made by using a pressure gauge connected to the schrader valve that is on the topside of the bell housing. I used a pressure gauge and checked mine last Summer.

YellowRose 11-28-2008 08:56 PM

Kickdown Problems
Thanks, Bart,

I found that in the 1959 shop manual in Part 4-2, as I recall. I printed it out and what you said, which is a simpler version of what the manual said. I called Mike at the shop and read it to him. He says that part of the problem is that there is some play there from years of it being worn, but he thinks he can fix/adjust it right. If necessary, I might have to look for a replacement for that section. But he seems to think he can get it set right. Thanks for looking it up!

KULTULZ 11-29-2008 12:40 AM


These transmissions had no modulator valve (introduced in 1961) and everything works directly from the throttle linkage (as has been described). It all has to be in good condition BEFORE trying to adjust.

Shift points are controlled as with the later AOD.

YellowRose 11-29-2008 01:50 AM

Kickdown Problems
Thanks for that additional information, Gary. I much appreciate it. The manager of the shop that is working on my car is pretty good. He says that he will find the problem and will get it fixed, even if we have to do some parts replacements.

TChicken 12-11-2008 12:44 PM

I made an adjustment and got my kickdown to work,but now the shift positions are off.When you put it in D1 it is in L.
Just wondering in case the new owner asks.

KULTULZ 12-11-2008 02:07 PM

It sounds as though you adjusted the actual selector linkage rather than the kickdown. Incorrect adjustment made the kickdown somewhat operational.

KULTULZ 12-12-2008 07:53 AM

Let Me Add This - - - -

This car has no modulator valve. All shifting (other than range selection) is done off the actual fuel linkage and what you think is a kick-down rod is actually not. It is similiar to the throttle valve control rod on very early AOD's.

You need the shop manual (or someone to copy the pages for you) on how to properly adjust the linkage.

YellowRose 12-12-2008 11:13 AM

Kickdown Problems
Thanks, Gary, for the additional information. My kickdown problems have been solved. The kickdown is working like a champ now. They also found that my automatic choke had been hooked up wrong. It was always on, apparently because it was wired up backwards. I am told it really runs like a scalded chicken now. There is a big difference before and after that fix.

KULTULZ 12-13-2008 07:09 AM


Originally Posted by YellowRose (Post 27222)

I am told it really runs like a scalded chicken now. There is a big difference before and after that fix.


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