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YellowRose 05-30-2017 06:09 PM

How To Use The New Tbird Registry!
Recently, John Rotella has revised his Tbird Registry considerably, and renamed the URL. It is now known as:


It has a lot of new features and new ways to search for Tbirds. I emailed him to ask him about the status of the Elvis 1962 Bulletibird.

John Rotella from the Tbird Registry just responded to my email regarding the status of the Elvis 1962 Bulletbird. It IS in the Registry, but as of 2005 there is no record where it is. The VIN # 2Y85Z107109 is listed and if anyone happens to have a 1962 Tbird with that VIN # then you are in possession of Elvis's Bulletbird!

Here is what he said about researching "Celebrity Cars" on his Registry. If you know the VIN # or Registry # you can go to the "entire registry" page. If you want to search for "Celebrity Cars" click on the Advanced Search link, slide down to it and click on it.

"Ray, You can search for cars by celebrity owners names using the Registry Database link and then go to the Advanced Search page on “entire registry” page. It is linked at the upper right corner with the little wheel.

The Elvis car is RN 23201

There is also a category search for “Celebrity Cars” which will return all of those cars that have been so categorized. John"

If you use the Advanced Search feature, there is a whole lot of information you can put check marks in, but if you are looking for just "Celebrity Cars", put a check mark in it, and you will find, at present, 43 "Celebrity Cars" that you can research to see who owned them. There are many, many ways one can search in this feature. But if you are looking for just "Celebrity Cars" put a check mark in that box and click Search. Then you can look through those cars to see who owned them! Once you are in the "Celebrity Cars" section and you bring up the first one, you can click forward through every car to see what year it was and who owned it! Click on the Names/Comments/Dates icon...

Many of these cars location are NOT known, but the VIN # is listed. Most of them are Babybirds, but not all! You could have a lot of fun checking your Tbird year against the VIN # of the Tbird you now own, to see if it happens to match up with anyone of these on the list! If it does... PLEASE let me know, and also John Rotella, by updating the Registry Number for that Tbird, letting him know that you are now the owner of that Tbird! Many, many of them were owned by movie stars and other very important people. I have been through the complete listing! You will be amazed at who owned what, and sometimes, more than one at a time.

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