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YellowRose 06-27-2009 09:39 PM

Company Who Stocks Golde Top Parts!!
Rockin Kev just provided me with information on a company in New Rochelle, NY that advertises on their website that they stock Golde Top parts!! He just dug this information out of his files for us! This is great news, IF they still do it! I just visited their website and it says they do. Here is what he had to say.

Auto Sunroof of Larchmont Ray, Found it i knew i had it somewhere, this guy stocks Golde parts, that can be used on some of our older cars


YellowRose 07-01-2009 01:59 PM

Company Who Stocks Golde Top Parts!!
I wanted to verify that this ASLauto company in Larchmont, NY, does indeed still stock Golde Top parts AND THEY DO! I just talked with them this morning. They bought out the stock of ASC, and are the only company in the world, that I know of, that stocks all the parts for the Golde Top! Please tell everyone you know who is looking for Golde Top parts. Thanks to Kev, we now have a source!:D

Here is the link to their website again, with their phone and fax numbers at the top. http://www.aslauto.com/ The website does not list what parts they have available, but my understanding it that they have a good supply of everything for the '60 Tbirds and up. I specifically ask if they had parts for the '60 Tbird Golde Top and she said yes...:D

JohnG, you might want to grab this information and add it to the Technical Resource Library for posterity!

YellowRose 07-01-2009 07:06 PM

Company Who Stocks Golde Top Parts!!
Here is a follow up on my post below. First of all, I want to tell you that, after sending ASL Auto pictures of the wind bar for the '60 Tbird, they wrote back and said this...


She also told me that they thought their parts would fit the '60 Tbird too. Sooo, once again, an attempt to locate someone who has the wind bar and components in stock has not borne fruit, unfortunately. I know of only ONE wind bar for sale in this country, and you can talk with John Draxler about that. The person who used to make them no longer does, so I am told.

I tried to call Greens Obsolete Ford Parts in Ohio but caught them closed.

The lady I was talking with at ASL Auto told me that they acquired all the parts from American Sunroof. However, they did not, apparently, get any wind bar and parts from them. So this led me to thinking that just maybe Ford was putting the wind bars on as the Golde Tops went down the line to be finished. Sooo, I called Bob Oeschger! Here is what he told me...

"Initially, when a Golde Top was scheduled for production, those cars were DRIVEN up the street to the American Sunroof company, the U.S. division of the Golde Company. There, they cut out the roof, and installed the sunroof in the car. When they were finished, they were driven back to the Wixom plant, just down the street, and placed in line for final finishing. When they got the car back from American Sunroof, the wind bar was already installed on the car. It was not something they put on it...

Later, Ford made a change to things and started manufacturing the hardtops with a cut out roof panel for those Tbirds scheduled to become Golde Tops. They also strengthened the roof he said. A company called Bosco now was involved in providing the sun roof to be installed. The sun roof would come in what Bob called "The Suitcase". Each one had a sun roof in it ready for installation. The installation was done at Wixom, is my understanding, by taking the sun roof out of "The Suitcase" and installing it in place.."

There are a lot of posts by Alexander and Kev, and others regarding the Golde Top. One of the things that Alexander said was this. Someone had a supposed Golde Top car, but there were NO screw holes for the end mountings and mid supports. He said that if the Tbird did not have those screw holes in place already, then it was not an original Golde Top, but one that someone had added to it. If it was a true original Golde Top off the production line, and someone had removed the wind bar, the holes should still be there.

I know that ASL Auto has been in the Golde Top business since 1977, I think they said... So maybe they did the installation on that particular car and because they have no wind bars in stock, it does not have one on it... Looking at pictures of Golde Tops on other cars, I never see a wind bar on them. Only on the Tbird have I seen a wind bar used.

Well, there you have more of the Golde Top saga as I know it now. If I find anything else out, I will let you know...

Richard D. Hord 07-01-2009 09:16 PM

Hey Ray and Guys,
Just was surfing the web and found windbars for Golde Top Editions at www.tbirdranch.com
They say they are going to start making them, is what I understand.
Richard D. Hord

YellowRose 07-01-2009 09:56 PM

Company Who Stocks Golde Top Parts!!
Hi Richard,

Unfortunately, John told me that wind bars are no longer being made when I talked with him about it not to long ago. He is the only one, that I know of, who had one, or has one. But it is gonna cost the buyer a bunch if he still has it. Some $500+

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