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YellowRose 05-08-2012 12:25 AM

1961 Fordabaker Lark!
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Bill Pugnetti is "working on a hotrod. 1961 Lark being transformed into Fordabaker Lark custom hotrod. Here are pictures of chassis as it is today. Lotz of reinforcement to keep from flexing. Frame and suspension are powder coated. 28gal stainless steel gas tank. Brake and gas lines. Air suspension. 466 cubes. Roller cam. Edelbrock aluminum heads, intake, water pump. 800 cfm carb. Two filters in front one for ATF, one for motor oil. Headers and 3" ceramic coated exhaust pipes. C6 trans has lotza performance parts to take a beating, even Kevlar bands. Behind C6 is Gear Vendors overdrive. 3.5 rear gears with Detroit Locker. 35 spline axles. Never went this deep into redoing a car and never will again. Buddy and I are working on it at his home shop. From firewall foreword body is 62 Lark while rest is 61 Lark. Those who know Larks will notice. Considering 96-98 Mustang tail lights with sequentials.
Here are more pictures. Had intake bead blasted and clear coated. Gives it a luster and grime/oil wipes off.

Soooo,,, chassis is mostly done. Target is to finish for summer 2013."

I will post the pix he sent, but might have to do it in two posts. I think you are going to really enjoy the beautiful work that is being done with this car! Got them all but one here.

FINSRIN 05-09-2012 03:19 AM

Ray – Nice of you to post Fordabaker project pictures. Has grown to be more complex and involved than need be. Got well weathered bottom of line 1961 Lark 2dr sedan for free. It needed lotz of help in drive train and body. And is far from “free” now.

Being mostly a Ford guy and coming across a fresh zero mile 460(466) for half of what was paid for rebuild because owner lost job and was moving. We went with 460 where a 351-392 Windsor would be easier fit. Without a firm master plan, the Fordabaker project has (shall we say) evolved to what it is today.

Want to have FoMoCo touches on body and interior to go with 460-C6, giving the Lark a Fordabaker identity most any way you look at it. Considering 1996-98 Mustang tail lights because their corner curve approximates Lark fender curve. Early 60s Comet tail lights-trim might work too. 60 Tbird lights are another possibility. Many decisions still to be made. Have fitted Mustang wiper motor and Econoline interval wiper control.

You Ford-Thunderbird folks are welcome to post Fordabaker ideas and comments.

simplyconnected 05-09-2012 04:40 AM

I love this totally boxed #2 crossmember.

I've seen poorly engineered examples that bent or collapsed, because this portion of the structure takes the brunt of the load and the road. Nice job!

I have a ton of questions regarding your cam, compression ratio choice, etc. I realize this engine has zero miles, but those heads, intake, etc., are not OEM.
Did you degree your cam?
What duration and lift did you use?
What RE gears?
Let's see more pictures! How about the body?
So far, everything I see is top drawer. - Dave

FINSRIN 05-10-2012 01:17 AM

Thanks Dave. Took a bunch of work to get this far.
To answer Dave's questions.
Compression: 9.2 - 9.3
Cam duration: intake @.050 = 216, advertised = 278
Cam duration: exhaust @.050 = 224, advertised = 286
Cam lift with 1.71 rocker: intake = 556, exhaust = 580
Comp Cams Magnum roller rocker arms.
Cam degreed with wheel from Summit Racing
Valve spring requirements for cam near identical with those on Edelbrock heads. Did not have to deal with spring changes.
Gears are Ford 9 inch 3.5 (might be 3.55) with Detroit locker inside heavy duty Lincoln housing. Lincoln rear disc brakes.

Must admit 61 Lark looks fooled me. To look at it, I thought it was larger. Maybe its the 15 inch wheels. But has shorter wheel base and overall length than a 61 Falcon. So packing in a 460/C6 and the rest has proved to be challenging. Will find body pictures for another posting.
Anyone know of an early Falcon with a 429/460? If so, please send me pictures.


simplyconnected 05-10-2012 04:30 AM

I'm doing a major on a 390 from a '73 F-100.
It's going to Bill Knighton's 'Penelope' (1960 Thunderbird) in NW Australia where it's really hot. I kept CR at 9.2 and used Edelbrock heads/intake and found the Comp Roller (270 dur/.5" lift) needed springs that exactly matched the Performer RPM's as well. I'm advancing the cam a little to bring the torque curve down to earth.

I just got done with the distributor... total adv = 35* peaking at 2,500-rpm. I can't tweak because the engine has no load until it gets to Australia, so this is a jump point. Right now, I'm balancing rods and crank. Now that the weather is finally nice, the family and house are calling for my time. It's coming along well.

My good buddy rebuilt the C-6 and stuck 1st and 2nd gears in from an E4OD. Now, 1st is 10% lower and 2nd is 5% lower than stock. 3rd is still 1:1. I could have done the overdrive but that would mean a longer tail shaft. - Dave

FINSRIN 05-10-2012 05:38 AM

Sounds like a fine well thought out 390 build. Bill and Penelope will both be pleased.

Once had 1974 460 LTD. Installed roller timing set doing 4deg cam advance at same time. That did improve allround performance of otherwise stock motor in heavy LTD.

Using Eagle connecting rods in 460. All this is over kill in Lark for driving/cruising around. Is not a drag racer. But thatz how its turning out. Also with overdrive has OK top end potential inspite of poor-to-no aerodynamics.
BTW - headers are from Australia.

YellowRose 05-14-2012 02:14 AM

Latest Pix Of Bill's '61 Fordabaker Lark
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Bill just sent me some more pix. This is probably going to take two posts to put them up, but you are really going to enjoy the work he is doing on this frame! Here is what he said.

"Here are more chassis pictures for those that like to see details.
Post them as you see fit. Will be sending body work pictures.

YellowRose 05-14-2012 02:18 AM

The Rest Of The Pix
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Here are the remainder of the pix that Bill sent. I am looking forward to seeing the body pix and will post them as soon as I get them.

YellowRose 05-14-2012 04:19 AM

Body Pix Of Bill's '61 Fordabaker..
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Here are more pix of Bill's Fordabaker build, including some body shots. Enjoy!

YellowRose 05-14-2012 04:22 AM

Still More Pix!
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Here are more of them for your viewing pleasure.

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