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YellowRose 05-31-2011 01:59 AM

New Forum For 1967-2005 Tbirds
For those of you who need or can provide assistance in restoring your 1967-2005 Tbirds, you can post here.

Richard D. Hord 05-31-2011 12:58 PM

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Hey Ray,
I think this is just awesome that we've opened our site to include 1967-2005! Guys don't be shy, now you have a place to get all kinds of great information and just to shoot the bull. Enjoy!!!
Well most of you have seen Old Blue, some of the new guys may have not! So here are some pictures of my 1978 Diamond Jubilee Edition Thunderbird:)
Richard D. Hord

YellowRose 05-31-2011 01:29 PM

New Forum For 1967-2005 Tbirds
I have seen the pix of your '78 Tbird before and she is just as pretty as I last remember seeing her! That is a year of the Tbird that I wanted to buy back then, but never did. I thought it was a pretty style with that banded roof and the overall appearance of it. One of our club members has one that is as good looking as yours. I have a picture of it in the web site I created for the VTCI South Central Region Convention. It still grabs my attention.

SandyBoy 05-31-2011 04:19 PM

Now.... Now I be gittin' X-SITE-ed !!

Me loves the 1967-1972 Thunderbiod !!

Never had one because I had no $ $ then !

(good reason... Yes?) Me hopes Yellow Rose

will put up a coat rack for me, therein :) ME HAPPY

fomoco59 06-01-2011 08:19 AM

Richard, I bought my wife a car just like your 78 Diamond Jubilee in 1990. It was our first TBird and she had two car seats in the back. I bought it for $2500 from a body/paint guy who had just re-finished it. His girlfriend was so upset that he sold it that I sold it back to him for $2500 three years later and bought my wife a SuperCoupe (...dangerously fast car.) Story is that the guy with the 78 parked it behind his girlfriend's house and a tree fell on the roof, caving it in. He fixed it!... and sold it. :rolleyes:

Richard D. Hord 06-01-2011 09:14 PM

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Hey Mike,
That's scary! (the part about the tree)
I first fell in love with that body style when in 1977 Bobby Allison (NASCAR driver) started running a Thunderbird that favored a Diamond Jubilee. It was not till the following year Ford released that body style. I was torn between a LTD II and a DJ! Dad happened to find one totaled. We made a offer on it and got the car. Dad told me there it is now you work and get the money to fix it:eek: I worked all summer doing odd jobs and got the money to send her to the body shop. They spend almost two months rebuilding her and she looked like a new car when she was finished. A seventeen year old kid with a top of the line Thunderbird! She was my pride and joy!
I had her for almost a year and met a car on my side of the road and I took the ditch. She rolled several times and was totaled. I was sick!
Some friends of mine knew of a dealership owner that had one just like mine put away. They talked to him and I contacted him and we made the deal! (the DJ in the pictures)
This car has a lot of segmental value:) My wife now and I started dating in this car and we have been married almost twenty-nine years! I have wanted to run DJ on Ebay and see what she would bring and my wife says NO:eek:
Richard D. Hord

barcode channel 11-22-2012 11:43 PM

Can anybody recommens me a classsic set of Thounderbirds?

YellowRose 11-23-2012 01:47 AM

New Forum For 1967-2005 Tbirds
Hi Carter, I am not sure what you mean about recommending to you a classic set of Thunderbirds. Are you asking which year of 1967-2005 Thunderbirds might be the best to consider buying? Tbirds don't usually come in "sets" per se, except that for many years they were manufactured in similar styles, usually for 3 years at a time. Then the style was changed, as is often the case for many car manufacturers. For example, the 1955-1957 Babybirds looked much like each other. As did the 1958-1960 Squarebirds, the 1961-1963 Bulletbirds, and the 1964-1966 Flairbirds, and so on. If you are interested in buying a Tbird, and want one of the newest models available, I would consider buying a 2002-2005 Retro-Bird. Unless you want a bigger, four passenger car. Then I would look at one of the late 1990's Tbirds. Perhaps you can define exactly what you are looking for?

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