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Assembly worker contacted on last Thunderbird!!!

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    Assembly worker contacted on last Thunderbird!!!

    Greg and I have been trying to make contact with the other person who contacted the Oakland Press regarding the news article that was published by them. So far, we have not been able to get in contact with him to find out if he can add anything to what Bob has already told us. If we do, you will hear about it.

    Also, I am trying to make contact with an employee of the Budd Body Company (that is no more, having recently been bought again, and then broken up). This person has about 30 years with Budd and runs a Budd blog. I hope he will answer my email so I can ask him questions regarding how Budd worked their production line, how many shells a day they provided Wixom, how they built the shells, how many sets of dies did they have, and any other question I can think of. One main question I want him to answer, if he can, is that confusing situation about the casting of the stainless steel parts for those two '60 Tbirds and the Lincolns destroying the dies.. For years, authors wrote that they did. Now recently, I was told personally, that the process of creating the panels out of stainless steel did not destroy those dies. I would like to nail that one down forever..

    I have obtained a good history of the company that I will be putting up perhaps this weekend. More as I learn it. If you have particular questions you would like answers to regarding of the making, and processing of the shells to the Wixom line, send them to me.

    Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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      Latest news: The Wixom lineman I contacted who stated Lucille was the last squarebird just called me today, He had his taped interview today and has sent me a package. Included in it is a photo from the first day Wixom was open, a video on tbirds being made in the plant, a picture of himself on his last day and a copy of the newspaper article! He is also looking for a Wixom jacket that has Thunderbird writtten on it (thinks he can get me one!) Also Hemmings Classic Car will be doing a full spread on Lucille! I need to speed things up on putting her back together as they want the info and pics ASAP! I have to say it again...WOW! (maybe I should have named the car that, .....nope Lucille works just fine!, Sorry Cathie!!)


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        Zena Lucille WOW
        she's a complete name now, LOL

        Congrats Greg...this is just WILD