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1959 J codes Thunderbird how many are left?

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  • 1959 J codes Thunderbird how many are left?

    Does anyone know how many of the 3154 J coded 1959 Thunderbirds (430 MEL engine) are still out there?
    Or do you know a source?

    Tbirdregistry can probably not give an accurate indication, since only 676 of the 2 door hardtops are registered in total. Assuming that 25% of remaining t-birds are registered this would mean that only 2704 cars are still alive, only 4,7% of original production. Total production was 57000 (J+H code).
    Assuming a double remaining percentage for the J coded cars, of these only 300 would be left (2 x 0,047 x 3154).

    black 1959 hardtop
    430 ci

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    Hans, we are finding more all the time in junk yards. Ray found a yard with dozens of non-registered Squarebirds just last week.

    So, are you asking about how many are still on the road and registered? How many were produced? Simply asking how many there are isn't valid because some are being restored right now while others are sacrificed as parts cars or scrapped. Others still, are on ice in barns or laying in fields all over the world. - Dave
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