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    I recently posted some information to new members on how to send a PM (Private Message) to other members. I thought I would amplify that a bit with this information.

    As a new member, you can set the parameters for your User ID by clicking on User CP in the black bar above this. It is next to FAQ. Once you have clicked on it, it will take you to your user id information. There you will find a whole series that you can click on and modify regarding your user id. However, I am going to talk mainly about your Settings & Options section.

    Clicking on Edit Signature will allow you to set up a signature if you so desire. That signature will show up in your posts and PM's when you send them.

    Edit Email & Password will allow you to change your email address and your password.

    Edit Profile will allow you to change the set up of your profile. In this you can list your date of birth information and decided whether to allow it to be seen or not. In Location You should put in where you live, so we will know, if you do not mind us knowing.. You can enter your Home Web Page if you have one. You can add any information regarding Instant Messaging on other systems that you might want to be known. In Additional Information, you can add information about your Thunderbird if you own one, other Fords and other cars, Interests, Occupation and Biography. If you make changes be sure to click on the SAVE button to save the changes.

    Clicking on Edit Options will allow you to make a number of important changes to your user id, and I recommend that you consider doing so, if you have not already done so. I would not make any changes to Login & Privacy. I would consider making some changes to the Messaging & Notification section. Under Receive Email, I suggest you have both items checked so you can receive email from Administrators and members. If you do not want to receive emails from members, then leave it unchecked, but please leave the Administrators checked so we can communicate with you through email if we have to.

    Under Default Thread Subscription Mode I have Instant Email Notification selected so that when someone posts something new, I get an email notification that someone has posted something new to a thread or created a new thread. Then I can go check it out at my leisure.

    Under Private Messaging I have checked these items. Enable Private Messaging because I want to hear from ya'll via PM. I have NOT checked this one. Receive Private Messages only from Buddies and Moderators. I want to hear from anyone who wants to PM me. I have this checked on also. Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages. I like to know when someone sends me a PM so I get a notification in email and the actual PM for me to read. Then I can go to Squarebirds and answer it at my leisure. Finally in that section I have this checked on. Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up. When on the Forum, I like to get a pop up message telling me that someone has just sent me a PM while I am on the Forum. Then I can go check it out.

    In Thread Display Options I have the first three items checked on because I want to Show Signatures, Avatars and Images. For Thread Display, I use Linear - Newest First. I use the Default settings for the other two.

    For Date & Time Options I have the time set to Central Time for me. You should set your time for the Time Zone you are in, if it is not. If your country uses DST (Daylight Savings Time, select Automatically detect DST Settings. If your Start of the Week is Sunday, make sure it shows.

    For Miscellaneous Options I have Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWIG Editing selected. For Forum Skin - Use Forum Default. Then hit the SAVE Button to save your changes.

    Go to Edit Avatar if you want to add an Avatar to your User ID block when you post. If you do not want to use one, put a dot in Do Not Use An Avatar. Otherwise, put a dot in the one you want to use. Click on Save Changes to save your choice.

    Finally, if you want to add a picture to your user id go to Edit Profile Picture to upload one. Hit the Save Changes button to save your work.

    That should do it for now. If you have questions, you can click on my User ID on any post, and either email or PM me. I will get your message..
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